MP House / OmasC Arquitectos


Architects: OmasC Arquitectos
Location: Salinas de Oro, , Spain
Architect In Charge: Iria Comoxo Gómez & David Olmos Tapia
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Duosegno Visual Design

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Behind a path paved with concrete slabs which divides the private and public areas, there is a big wooden gate. We are a few meters away from the sea. Children´s voices are heard and remind that we are visiting the house of a family that knows how to combine peacefulness and the hustle and bustle of kids playing.

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The house, situated on a narrow trapezoid plot of land, achieves the best possible orientation: the main rooms face directly South while the passing areas face North.
With the help of light, the project consists of a ground floor that holds public spaces like the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. These are connected with the outside thanks to large sliding glass doors and a wooden paving that serves as a path running towards the porch, which is protected by the cantilevers of the upper floor. The basement contains a utility room, a garage and a polyvalent space. The first floor is divided by a double-height central piece into two different areas: both children´s bedrooms on one side and the main bedroom on the other.

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The final result is a light house with a simple composition of volumes, a series of three pieces where the most important rooms of the program are located. A long, narrow, rectangular plan allows for enough garden space on the South side of the house. On that side we find the access, enclosed between two of the pieces. The North side hides the ramp that leads to the garage.

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The inside was rationally conceived in order to make it functional, emphasizing its natural light and harmony with the outside. From the double storey dining room, located in the central piece, a staircase leads us to the upper floors.

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There are certain elements which highlight the purity of the shapes while providing warmth: white facing and walls, doussié wood flooring inside and outside, fixed furniture, woodwork inside and metalwork on the outside.

© Duosegno Visual Design

The house has a low energy demand due to the use of sunshine to heat the Southern side, very few North-facing windows and an exterior insulation cover that drastically reduces the effects of cold bridging. Solar panels placed on the roof meet total hot water demand and cover part of the heating needs through in-floor radiant heating.

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