David Adjaye Authoring: Re-placing Art and Architecture

  • 01 Oct 2012
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Authoring: Re-placing Art and Architecture challenges traditional assumptions about the relationship between art and architecture. From 2008 through 2010, , along with Marc McQuade, taught three studios at the Princeton School of Architecture. Each studio focused on a collaboration with three distinguished artists—Matthew Ritchie, Teresita Fernández, and Jorge Pardo—on interventions in three vastly different sites: the state of New Jersey, the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, and the city of Mérida in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Through an exploratory process of questioning, developing, and testing, each architect and artist reexamines the expectations traditionally associated with the conventions of architectural design and representation. Authoring: Re-placing Art and Architecture presents recent projects from David Adjaye, Matthew Ritchie, Teresita Fernández, and Jorge Pardo, along with interviews, essays, and archival material that unpack the shared space of art and architecture.

With contributions by David Adjaye, Stan Allen, Alex Coles, Teresita Fernández, Dave Hickey, Sanford Kwinter, Jorge Pardo, and Matthew Ritchie.

009 David Adjaye’s Expanded Field / Stan Allen
De-authoring systems / Matthew Ritchie
033 Skin and Shrouds / David Adjaye, Marc McQuade, Matthew Ritchie
049 Selected Works / Matthew Ritchie
065 Systems Theory / Sanford Kwinter
073 Sharing Our Skin / Matthew Ritchie
081 Moscow School of Managment SKOLKOVO,Sclera / Adjaye Associates

Co-authoring atmospheres / Teresita Fernández
099 Not-obvious / David Adjaye, Teresita Fernández, Marc McQuade
113 Selected Works / Teresita Fernández
129 Tropical Scholarship / David Hickey
137 Silverlight/Within Reach/ T-B A21 Art Pavilion / Adjaye Associates

Re-authoring communities / Jorge Pardo
155 Look at It Again / David Adjaye, Marc McQuade, Jorge Pardo
165 Selected Works / Jorge Pardo
181 The Parallax View / Alex Coles and Jorge Pardo
189 MCA Denver/Shada/Wakefield / Adjaye Associates

New Jersey/Gowanus/Yucatán
212 New Jersey / Mattew Ritchie
228 Gowanus / Teresita Fernández
250 Yucatán / Jorge Pardo

271 Acknowledgments
273 Biographies
275 Credits

Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers
Language: English
Format: 16.5 × 24 cm, 6 ½ × 9 ½ in
Pages: 276 (121 illustrations) 
ISBN: 978-3-03778-282-8

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