Temple in Antis / AG “LesoSplaw”

  • 28 Sep 2012
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© Alexandr Berzing

Located on a hill, on the open area of the landscape, the simplest of a Greek temple is the templum in antis, a small rectangular structure. Designed by the AG ‘LesoSplaw’ team, in front of the cella, a small porch or pronaos was formed. With the protruding cella walls being the antae, the pronaos was linked to the cella by a door. To support the superstructure, two columns were placed between the fronts of the antae (in antis)using straw for the temple material. More images can be viewed after the break.

© Alexandr Berzing

Architects: AG “LesoSplaw”
Location: , Russian Federation
Design Team: Andrey Voronov, Alexandr Berzing, George Snezhkin, Eugeniy Novosadyk, Innokenty Padalko
Site Size: 22 m2
Building Area: 14 m2
Budget Total: 1050 USD
Project Year: 2012

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