UPDATE: WINNERS of the [STEEL] Promo Code!

  • 27 Sep 2012
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UPDATE: Thank you all for sharing your favorite ! We took the 10 that received the most votes and polled them on our Facebook page. We’ll be publishing the results later on, but, for now, a big Congratulations to the 5 recipients of our Prize: Kalyan Basetty, Mica Nickson, Azra Kapic, Matt Iden, and Nick Gentile!

We’ll be contacting you later today with your codes for  [steel] (), [steel HD] (iPad), and The META Calculator - brought to us by our friends at The Mobile Engineer. Congrats!

Last week, we asked our Facebook Fans to suggest the best Apps for architects so we could put together a list of the 10 Best Apps For Architects. But while a few great Apps got featured, tons of other great Apps got skipped. ArchDaily reader ArchNYC, for example, commented “how is morpholio, Paper, or i-Rhino 3D not on this list? they are incredible apps.” Reader Anna responded: “Agree 100%[...] ArchDaily should consider a second list.”

Well, you spoke, and we listened. We’re going for Round II. But, this time around, we want to know: What Great Architecture Apps Did We Miss?

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part. The folks at The Mobile Engineer, creators of our #9 App [steel], will give 5 lucky commenters a Promo Code – either for  [steel] (for iPhone) or [steel HD] (for iPad) – for FREE. Not bad, eh?

So, just register to let us know your favorite Apps (iPhone or Android) in the comments below!

To Recap: Our previously featured List of the 10 Best Apps For Architects

  1. AutoCad WS
  2. Houzz
  3. Magic Plan
  4. Flipboard
  5. Photoshop Express
  6. Sketchbook
  7. Instagram
  8. Dropbox
  9. [STEEL]
  10. Evernote



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  • Arch 01

    Hi! Morpholio is a must-have for any architect and designer. Kudos on this second round!

  • Mark Collins

    Hey, don’t leave out Morpholio. Its an architect-inspired app for the entire design community. There are already two Morpholio apps in a family of design-centric software for creatives.

  • Rich Kozono

    ARCAT: Building product library
    123D Catch: Turns photos into 3d models
    TED: TED conference videos that include architects
    K+BB: Kitchen and Bed Bath Magazine
    Zillow: Evaluated home prices
    DeWalt Mobile Pro: Free feet-inch calculator
    Unit Convert: Free multi-unit converter
    Photosynth: creates panorama photos
    SkyDrive: store your CAD files in the cloud for access from any computer
    OneNote: Access your digital notebooks from the cloud
    Adobe Reader: View pdf files

  • Sky Costello

    I would add Notability and Architizer


    Same as before
    Paper, morpholio or i-Rhino 3D

  • Mica Nickson

    You can not forget Archinet. It is part of my regular architecture news feed. Great to see finished projects in your area, share portfolios and post resume for job opportunitites. Its an All-In-One for sure

  • Juan Gil

    A-Beam HD – Concrete beams
    PocketCas – For some math
    Sun Seeker – Sun Diagrams

  • HO

    MIMOA iis an architectural guide. A must have for the traveling architect.

  • Richard Longman

    Sun Seeker is a must for studying your design on the site.

  • http://senogluemre.tumblr.com/ Emre Senoglu

    BIMx from Graphisoft is pretty neat too!

  • Matt Iden

    Light Meter is a great app to measure footcandles and lumens on a surafce

  • Sigursteinn Sigurdsson

    “Photo Measures” by Big Blue Pixel has saved me hours of work…

  • SuperHoodie

    Room planner by chief architect

  • nate steuerwald

    Photosynth, great tool for any kind of architectural task from the student working on a competition to the principal of a firm documenting a built project.

  • marn

    ‘Clear’ quick and simple todolist

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  • Esteban Rosas

    Morpholio, i-rhino 3d, good reader

  • Laura Schmidt

    Photosynth, BIMx and Morpholio

  • tomasz tomaniak

    sketch free

  • Joseph DREHER

    INCHcalc is a must have calculator for architects and anyone else in the design or construction industry. http://www.inchcalc.com/

  • Robert Feyereisen

    Quickscale is the best app of its kind! If you ever wanted to know how big your drawing or model is it works great!

  • woongho yaang

    Photosynth is coool tool for record wide view that cannot be covered by general camera.

  • http://wujian1014.blog.com Wu Jian

    “iScaleRuler”, a different proportion of the ruler.

  • Tommy Mulyadi Djayaputra

    pinterest, photosynth or panorama 360, My Measures & Dimensions, morpholio

  • http://wujian1014.blog.com Wu Jian

    I missed “Buildings”.

  • william lipsey

    inchCALC & inchCALC+ : The best Foot-Inch-Fraction calculators – designed by architects for architects. The + version has extra added conversion functions Imp. to Metric,etc. $.99 & $4.99 respectively

  • kalyan basetty

    AUTODESK 360 – One can store their design files and renders on it. Can easily access to show or present to anyone.

    MAGIC PLAN – Cool app to measure room dimensions and it auto generates floor plans. Good for initial measurements and very handy.

  • kalyan basetty

    AUTODESK-360 – A best place to store your design files and renders.

    MAGIC PLAN – A handy map to capture corners of a room and measure the distance. Fun part is that this app automatically generates floor plans once all corners are captured. These plans can be exported to acutocad.

  • Dan Cincu

    Sun Seeker, god for monitoring sun path for site design
    Compas AR, god for defying exact position of a certain near object on a sit
    IScanSca, scale ruller for hard copy projects

  • Lucas F Souza Reis


    humanized plants and 3D working…


    for construction