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Spotlight: Renzo Piano

“Architecture is art, but art vastly contaminated by many other things. Contaminated in the best sense of the word – fed, fertilised by many things.” -Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano, the Pritzker-Prize Laureate born in Genoa, Italy, turns 77 today. While Piano was originally expected to follow the family tradition of building, Renzo rebelled to study architecture in Milan. Even so, to this day, Piano maintains a healthy skepticism of academia; indeed, craftsmanship and experimentation are both pillars at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Check out more Renzo Piano, including inspiring quotes and all his works on ArchDaily, after the break…

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Although not known for any signature style, Piano’s varied works – from the Centre Pompidou he designed with Richard Rogers at the ripe old age of 35, to the quietly reverent Menil Collection in Houston, to the Shard that towers over London town – all show Piano’s mastery for architecture’s less “touchable” elements, such as light and air. In fact, according to Piano, his only constant is “this idea of making a building fly – creating something with zero gravity.”Perhaps that’s why the best of Piano’s work seems so transcendent – closer to “refined harmony rather than virtuosic display.”

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On Architecture and Architects

“As an architect you are a builder. You are of course more than a builder. You need to be a militant, you have to be a poet, you have to be a visionary, you have to be an artist. But certainly you have to be a builder. Everything starts from there.” – in an interview with BBC correspondent, Razia Iqbal

On A Signature Style

“I think it is a trap. But what I don’t hate is ‘intelligence’ or ‘coherence’. Because coherence is not about shape, it is about something stronger, more humanistic, more poetic even.” –The Independent

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