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  7. Auto-Family House / KWK PROMES

Auto-Family House / KWK PROMES

  • 01:00 - 19 September, 2012
Auto-Family House / KWK PROMES
Auto-Family House / KWK PROMES, Courtesy of KWK PROMES
Courtesy of KWK PROMES

Courtesy of KWK PROMES Courtesy of KWK PROMES Courtesy of KWK PROMES Courtesy of KWK PROMES +13

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From the architect. The only access to the plot is from the south, effecting in a conflict between the driveway and the garden to be designed. Therefore, the garden and the house is elevated to the level +1 while the entrance stays at the level 0.

Courtesy of KWK PROMES
Courtesy of KWK PROMES

For the inhabitants comfort the driveway leads them to the garden, creating easy connection between two floors. To preserve the garden intimacy, that could be disturbed with an entrance, the driveway was covered with green roof and walls. As a result the created tunnel rises up into the garden and becomes the house.

Courtesy of KWK PROMES
Courtesy of KWK PROMES

The house owner is an art collector what inspired the idea of joining together: the entrance, the driveway and his gallery of paintings located in the tunnel. Therefore, the living space expanded after adding the driveway and the car is now an integral part of the interior.

Courtesy of KWK PROMES
Courtesy of KWK PROMES

Nowadays the houses are located in the suburbs and the outskirts of the city. Thus, the car plays a significant role as a main transport. As a result, we enter the house driving in through the garage and the main entrance is hardly used. In Autofamily House the garage, a typical part of the 'unclean' zone, is now the representative entrancedriveway section.

Courtesy of KWK PROMES
Courtesy of KWK PROMES

Therefore, a new typology of a family house is defined by joined entrance and driveway that now is a part of the clean zone. The moment of driving in the garage becomes a pleasant experience. Thanks to this solution and today's technology, the car is getting more and more important as it improves the quality and comfort of life, while being an excellent element of interior design. 

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luk · September 29, 2012

kijjjjjjj w dupie projektanta.....

fj · September 20, 2012

Nice work. Greens and white walls fit well.

marky · September 20, 2012

"I do not like it" And the entire world has to know about it. Why? Pozdrawiam.

enceladus · September 20, 2012 09:32 PM

i'm not trying to jump into anyone's argument here... but is this not what this forum is about?? COMMENTING??

so i guess that not the entire world will know he does not like it... just the people that read this section (not so many, anyway)

and no, i do not like it either. i think this house is an exaggerated "homage to the automobile".

majchers · September 20, 2012 08:36 PM

I am not getting you, marky. You don't like my comments or the fact that 'the whole world has to know about it'? I do have a rigth to not like something, don't I? And why I do not like this particular project of Mr. Konieczny I guess I was clear enough above. So what is your ponint marky? Muchos besos y abrazos :)

majchers · September 19, 2012

A bit of an overkill this time Mr. Konieczny. Overworked and out of proportion. If I was to be harsh if not rude: a monster. But I am not, I am neither one. So... pud?o tym razem (a miss this time). :)

marky · September 20, 2012 12:12 AM

Typical, Polish recognition. It HAS TO BE HUMILIATED for you to feel better, right?

Silesian Guy · September 19, 2012

KWK Promes - architects from Silesia. Auto Family house has similar concept to the aatrial house, developed couple years ago. Even though, another interesting project.


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