Venice Biennale 2012: Ukraine Pavilion

  • 04 Oct 2012
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© Nico Saieh

Curated by Alexander Ponomarev and Olilga Milentiy, the Pavilion presents mobile museums projects under the concept of “Mirage Architecture”. The exhibition focuses on a conceptual design for a Museum of Contemporary Arts in the Antarctic.

“In order to build new Utopia, there is no need to raze the world. There are still places on Earth with clean, free spaces, offering room for cooperation and co-creation. On of these places is the Antarctic”, says Milentiy.

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Alexander Ponomarev, explains the exhibition:

“Along with a science expedition, i visited the Ukrainian Academician Vernadsky’s research station in the Antarctic, where I took photographs and made videos of the remarkable optical phenomena known as mirages. Icebergs, the coastline, and other objects appeared on the sea horizon, transformed into different structures, and then disappeared”.

© Nico Saieh

“Architects Alexei Kozyr and Ilya Babak repeatedly used the principle of disappearing shapes and transformable structures in their Architecture Projects. Our fellowship has enabled me to launch mobile museum projects under the blanket title of Mirage Architecture” 

“Here, each artists will be able to implement ideas and make unrealized dreams come true. During the summer navigation season the structures move from Europe to the Antarctic, where they change their appearance like a Fata Morgana and enable travelers, researchers, and tourists to come into contact with the works of art”.

© Nico Saieh

“The photographer, oceanographer and traveler Sergei Shestakov, who also visited the research station, dived under the thick Antarctic ice with a video camera” (The video footage is projected over a small section of the pavilion roof)

© Nico Saieh
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