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  • 15 Sep 2012
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Construction for the Summer International Shopping Mall in , China has begun. The project is a mixed-use, 360,000 sqm development is designed by 10 Design and led by partner Gordon Affleck. The client challenged the design to move beyond the “black box” retail model, resulting in the diverse arrangement of forms and spaces of the final design.   Follow us after the break for more on this project.

Courtesy of 10 Design

The mall will include retail spaces that are commercial, hotel and residential, bringing the total accommodation to 510,000 sqm. The leasable areas are diverse and link back to the external civil and public spaces. The Summer Group chose to provide community space with the shopping mall, creating an environment that also has a natural landscape. Affleck predicts that these design decisions will make Summer International Shopping Mall “one of the major destinations in Southern China”.

Courtesy of 10 Design

Zhuhai is a growing city and the site of this project is unique in that it is a meeting point between the grid of the city and the natural topography of the surrounding hills. An “urban super wall” defines the sites edge as it meets the urban grid and is composed of stacked stone, steel and LED blocks that cantilever across the streets.

Courtesy of 10 Design

The LED blocks provide entry gateways and break out points that reveal the soft edge of the building, defined by planted terraces and a garden. The terraces reflect meandering paths that pedestrian may choose to take throughout the building. They undulate and create valleys that natural provide gathering points, plazas and shaded courtyards.

Architect: 10 DESIGN
Project Location: Zhuhai, China
Project Name: Summer International Retail And Entertainment Centre
Client: Summer Industrial Group
Site Area: 170,000sqm
Site Area: 510,000sqm
Function: Retail Complex, Corporate Office, 5-star Business Hotel, Convention, EXPO Centre
Designer: Gordon Affleck, Design Partner
Design Team: Jamie Webb, Bernice Kwok, Kevis Wong, Nick Chan, Jason Easter, Christian Dierckxsens, Ewa Koter, Alicia Johannesen

Cite: Vinnitskaya, Irina. "Summer International Shopping Mall / 10 Design" 15 Sep 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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    There’s something about the name “International summer shopping mall” that makes me immeasurably sad. Well, at least the renderings are pretty and it’s shiny.

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    This building was one of my case studies about designing a shopping mall, The chinese architecture always inspire me and they are very talented with there different designs comparing it to europe, the mall looks so modern from outside and even inside, the main entrance looks very attractive whither its in the moring or evening, the circulation between each space looks very organized. This summer shopping mall is just ” Modernistic “

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