Donna Karan’s Woman Perfume Bottle / Zaha Hadid

  • 02 Sep 2012
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Courtesy pf Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Zaha Hadid, who has been making her mark in product design, such as with her footwear design, has most recently collaborated with Donna Karan to design the powerful new scented perfume. The scent, which evokes the complexity of a woman, is accompanied by a curving, fluid-seeming container made of ombré charcoal glass. With a shape that is distinctively elegant, the bottle represents a strong sense of femininity, while demonstrating the confidence of a woman. “The bottle’s dark, translucent qualities offer a sense of mystery that awakens our curiosity,” Hadid, the Pritzker Prize winner explains. The perfume, which is sure to awaken many, retails at $85, per 1.7 oz.


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    “The bottle’s dark, translucent qualities offer a sense of mystery that awakens our curiosity,”….bulls@*&…

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    He, I rather see her doing perfume bottles then buildings. The former I can easily ignore, ther latter ones less easy.

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    It is important to point out that the individuals writing these articles have not done anything in the way of grammatical proofreading, and the articles reflect this in spades. If you are going to write? Then please have the common sense to know how.

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      It’s a shame this comment is full of grammatical errors.

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