Tube Pavilion / Megabudka

  • 27 Aug 2012
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Designed by Megabudka for Sretenka Design Week in , the key aim of the Tube Pavilion is to demonstrate how a space can be completely transformed with simple means. Created using one hundred lighting, or mirror tubes, at such a density of supports, the roof structure can be reduced to a minimum. If a mirror surface is used in combination with numerous tubes and a thin roof structure, a very interesting effect is created. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Megabudka

The thickness of the supports was reduced, while increasing their number. We reduced the cross section of the supports to 30mm. As a result, hundreds of thin tubes form the interior of the pavilion.

Courtesy of Megabudka

A wide passage through the pavilion is slightly curved; thus the façade is not broken up. While 10% of the tubes glow, they are made of polyurethane with a LED strip inside. Due to the mirror surface of the ceiling and polished tubes, at night the interior fills with light, the pavilion becomes one big lantern.

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