On Building: Matter and Form / Josep Lluís Mateo

  • 23 Aug 2012
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is one of Spain’s-and Europe’s-most prolific and visible architects. Mateo has designed corporate headquarters, housing units, office blocks and hotels throughout Western Europe, and has also renovated urban centers in Gerona (Spain) and Castelo Branco (portugal). this volume looks back at nearly 30 years of Mateo’s built structures, as portrayed by the architectural photographer Adrià Goula. As well as buildings from the 80s and 90s, it also looks at his most important projects of the past few years, from the Banc Sabadell Headquarters renovation (2004) and the Factory office building in Boulogne-Billancourt, France (2010) to the PGGM Headquarters in Zeist, Holland (2011) and the Catalonian Film Theater in Barcelona (2011). Interspersed among Goula’s photographs are Mateo’s observations and musings on architecture.

007 On Building / Josep Lluís Mateo
010 Offices in Boulogne- Billancourt. France
025 Structure /  Agustí Obiol
034 PGGM Company Headquarters. Zeist, Netherlands

057 Depth / Dominique Boudet
066 Remodelling of Banc Sabadell. Barcelona
082 Reconstruction o fan old country mansion. Garrotxa, Girona
097 Resistance / Fredy Massad and Alicia Guerrero

110 Film Theatre of Catalonia. Barcelona
133 Matter and Memory / Philip Urssprung
147 Re-presenting / Adrià Goula
148 Technical Information
177 Colophon

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