The Future of the Building Industry: BIM-BAM-BOOM!

  • 09 Aug 2012
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HOK Chief Executive Officer Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA, explains why the term “” doesn’t convey the real promise of building information modeling over time. In this video, MacLeamy breaks down the mega acronym “BIM-BAM-BOOM!” and addresses the real promise of this new approach across three basic phases of a building’s life.

It all begins with BIM; the architect uses 3-D modeling to investigate options and test building performance early on in order to optimize the building’s design. The design is then handed off to the contractor who streamlines the building process with BAM (Building Assembly Modeling), which allows for a significant decrease in construction costs. Once complete, BAM is turned over the owner and becomes BOOM (building owner operator model). This allows the owner to manage the building over time and ensure optimized building performance throughout its entire life cycle.

The real promise of “BIM-BAM-BOOM!” is “better design, better construction, better operation”.

“The Future of the Building Industry: BIM-BAM-BOOM!” Screen Shot


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  • archi

    Wow. If they spent as much energy on resources in developing BIM as they do trying to market BIM, then they wouldn’t need all these videos, buzzwords and fancy acronyms to sell it. It would sell itself.

  • snowyweston

    @archi : CEO salary or not, 2 minutes and 34 seconds of Patrick MacLeamy’s time – combined with the time spent making a very basic powerpoint – wouldn’t really go very far on software development now would it? Remember, people (or shall we call them Luddites?) said the same thing about CAD when it first arrived. “BIM” – in all it’s forms – does sell itself (to those open to change) but by all means, feel free to stick with Vellum if that’s what floats your boat.