V on Shenton / UNStudio


Architect: UNStudio, Ben van Berkel Principal-in-Charge
Location: No. 5 Shenton Way, UIC Building,
Client: UIC Investments
Building surface: 85.507 m2
Project Team:  Astrid Piber and Nuno Almeida with Ariane Stracke, Cristina Bolis; Derrick Diporedjo, Florian Licht, Gustav Fagerström, Hal Wuertz, Jaap Baselmans, Jaap-Willem Kleijwegt, Rob Henderson, Patrick Kohl, Juliane Maier, René Rijkers, Martin Zangerl, Zhongyuan Dai, Jeong Eun Choi, Wing Tang, Stefano Rocchetti, Sander Versluis, Jay Williams, Jae Young Lee
Local Architect: Architects 61 Pte Ltd
Building volume: Residential tower 237m height; office tower 123m height
Building site: 6778 m2
Status: Finalize design development in 2011

Our friends at UNStudio have shared the firm’s latest urban regenerative project, a new UIC building which will help rejuvenate the area of Shenton Way in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District.   Entitled ‘V on Shenton’, the part-residential part-office tower maintains a strong 15+ meter wide view corridor as the programmatic elements split and respond to their seperate demands.  ”V on Shenton will have an incredible presence within the whole organization of the city and is in that respect a very public project. But we see it also as a sculptural object, where the continuous line of the chamfer highlights the form and where the different textures are not purely related to program, but also ‘dress’ the building”, explained van Berkel.

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© UNStudio

As is typical of UNStudio’s work, the project offers sleek massing and an intricate cladding.  Although the building breaks to create a lower scale office section – which responds to the contextual heights of similar buildings – while the residential tower rises above to distinguish itself from the neighboring buildings, the two are unified with their soft edges and textured glass facades.  The massing is lined by chamfers which give a definite edge and frame the building;  this line, which appears smooth in contrast to the textured surfaces of the towers, illuminates in the evening.

© UNStudio

The hexagon pattern which the facade module is based from is used to create patterns that increase the performance of the facades with angles and shading devices that are responsive to the climatic conditions of Singapore.

Residential Detail © UNStudio

Ben van Berkel explained, “The pattern of the façade comprises four to five different textures, each varying depending on the program. At times the glass of the façade creates texture through the relief effect and the coloured side lighting, whilst the volumetric balconies of the residences create a deep texture in the total volume of the building.”

Office Facade Pattern © UNStudio

An important feature of the building is its sky lobbies and sky garden.  Such areas provide amazing views over the city and the landscape features offer a welcoming space for occupants.   Along with the facades, the sky gardens are an integral part of developing the sustainable lifestyle of ‘V on Shenton’. These lush green spaces provide a refuge from the city with the climate and vegetation naturally providing fresher, cleaner air.


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