National Museum of Afghanistan / TheeAe LTD

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The design concept for the National Museum of is centered around the flowered arch. TheeAe LTD finds this design opportunity as a way to bring the lost heritage back to the present. The major concern for the architecture was not only about the collections but also emotional realm of space that requires a place to give a rest and the joy of the nature in its heritage safe and secured. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of TheeAe LTD

Afghanistan’s culture that abides in the country was much ruined and deserted. Its new museum hopes to catch up the lost richness and its cultural asset is necessitated to give hope and inspire people in that region. Our Architectural design was initiated to express the culture as if it has been with its heritage for centuries and centuries by emphasizing whose characters are natural environment, richly enormous sculptor, open valley of mountain and bright sun lights that penetrate thru patterned frames.

Architects: TheeAe LTD
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Site Area: 16,000 sqm
Total Building Area: 18,000 sqm
Height: 18m ( Level B1 to Level 3)
Year: 2012

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "National Museum of Afghanistan / TheeAe LTD" 04 Aug 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Luca Bonifacio

    last thing that this country needs

  • Younes

    Is this the winner of the NMA competition?



    • Woohyun Cho

      This is proposal only.

  • NMA

    is this the winner!

    • Woohyun Cho

      No this is proposal only.

  • wpgmb

    Why are there no Afghans wandering around, looking at empty space? No European/American/Asian tourists will be visiting this place anytime soon. This little slip pretty much says it all.

  • Walt

    Why aren’t there any drones rendered in the sky-line ?

  • SRB, Tehran

    Well this kind of building no way represents any kind of Afghan heritage. There’s much more than flowering arch in Afghan architecture. It resembles or is rather suitable of being a Islamic Museum in western Europe or may be in LA.

    BTW who exactly is going to visit this place in case this museum is built. Afghans themselves or Europeans / Americans?

  • min

    whats up cho.. haha

  • desbo

    the only thing this represents is a big fat contract for a US company with friends on the hill.