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Utilizing the simplest of materials – a lightweight steel frame and rope - Oyler Wu Collaborative have crafted a dynamic 21-foot long screen wall conceived of as a ‘play’ on one’s visual perception.  The geometry of the composition, strengthened by the care with which the 45,000 linear feet of rope is strung through the frame, results in a thick undulating screen that, although derived from technical complexity, is manifested in an elegant visual.  The wall was displayed at the LA Convention Center during Dwell on Design this summer, and, as illustrated by the video, provoked the curiosity of the viewer to physically and visually engage with the work.

More about the wall, plus great photos, after the break.

Oyler Wu explained, “In its orthographic, or ‘straight on’ view, the wall forms a meticulously organized series of patterns easily recognized by the viewer.  As the viewer moves around the wall, its three-dimensional qualities reveal a more complex system of deep sectional cavities, twisting surfaces, and material densities.  The experience is meant to build on an ‘on again/off again’ system of pattern legibility, using optical effects as a means of provoking engagement in the work.”

© Oyler Wu Collaborative


© Oyler Wu Collaborative
© Oyler Wu Collaborative
© Oyler Wu Collaborative

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Project Design and Fabrication Team: Dwayne Oyler,Jenny Wu, Huy Le, Sanjay Sukie, Yaohua Wang, Qing Cao,Farnoosh Rafaie, Jie Yang, Clifford Ho,Joseph Chiafari, Tingting Lu, Qian Xu, Mina Jun, Vincent Yeh, Kaige Yang, Shouquan Sun

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  • Joseph N. Biondo

    Nice work Dwayne!

  • pparker

    So much media attention pursued for what amounts to an eroticized clothesline. I’m surprised a Spiderman tie-in wasn’t secured.

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    haters gon hate

  • Dennis

    I wanted to write the spiderman joke, too late.