Colorful Guizhou Brand, Research & Development Center / Huasen Architects

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Designed by Huasen Architects, the winning competition proposal for the Research and Development Center for colorful .co is based on the structure of local villages, having full possibilities to grow in all directions. The orientation for each building was defined by the best natural view of the river and surrounding mountains. Located near the new district of Long dong bao, just 15 minutes drive from the airport, the site has an undulating character with differing levels up to 15 meters, and sits along a small river. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Huasen Architects

This is one of the most influential projects in GuiZhou; the province possesses a population of 43,740,000 people and more than 16 different native ethnic groups. The most challenging part of this project is to continue the context of site and respect the natural contours while showing all the culture and diversity of Gui Zhou.

Courtesy of Huasen Architects

Within the site we created several public spaces for different situations; some to cater for large holiday ceremonies and others for daily activities. The differing levels were utilized to create a scene of terraced buildings and spaces to maintain the integrity of the land and echo the surroundings. Giving visitors a variety of interesting and exciting spaces where they can take part in the various activities.

Courtesy of Huasen Architects

Along the river people will see a group of buildings with no certain directions, giving an almost organic appearance. Every one of them has its own character of wood or stone, window or curtain wall. Finally the group of buildings is given unity by having characteristically similar roofs, this ties them all together.

Architects: Huasen Architects
Location: GuiYang, Guizhou Province, China
Chief Architects: Yan Zhang & Andreja Mitrovic
Architects: Yue Wen Zhang, Xing Chao Li, Jia Ling Xie
Team Support: Hong Fei Li, YiFeng Luo, Yuan Huang, Shu Yang
Client: Colorful
Status: Competition
Project Area: 54,500 sqm
Cost: $45,000,000
Year: 2012

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