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  • 14 Jul 2012
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With the challenge to design multi-family housing units in a traditional structure of a single family house, 1X2STUDIO chose to plant houses on the lot to preserve relations and the character of the chopped structure of . The whole intention is for an exclusive integration and neighborhood relations, necessary for residents of , in a natural milieu as is present. More images and architects’ description after the break.

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Power of a concept is in necessary extent of physiognomy, which unequivocally emphasizes all the potential of a built and unbuilt space to live in, where terrain configuration in its motion towards the city, in the vicinity of a city, imposes all the spontaneity so important for future users. Winded and sunny landscape of external and unit space is possible in the decision to overcome program and space conditions with typical elements in that capacity and character in which the future residential complex is seen as indivisible part of the wider context.

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To place the house on the lot in a way it becomes the platform for living, means distances which indicate, the air that scatters to emphasize the landscape. That is why the overcome of terrain configuration and its shape as a given polygon, is the step by step strategy. Urban set consists of three houses on the one lot, in total of nine houses on the three lots.

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The set is placed throughout the three phases, the same way 3X3. In terms of program, each house is filled with units of certain structure and capacity, and develops the theme of housing so it is always the part of the landscape. In the contact area of the house and the ground, approach and entry space is an open space of parterre, so it is always connected to the ground, the place to meet and gather. In the contact area of the house and the sky, unit space is the structure which provides the most direct way to view and exit into environment.

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Vicinity of the houses within the set, their nearness as a single architectural figures, is the extent of passing that holds them forever together. The design of the shape is in full volume, elementary and clear architectural expression, so that recognizes the typical elements, reducible to module system. Perfect shape, the cube, in its dimension 18x18x18m, densely groups required units structures, the element of the wall is singular, with the same dimension of the openings that are multiply in a 60+30cm module and the roof is slant, once again to confirm a chopped and scattered structure of urban matrix of Lazarevac.

Architects: 1X2STUDIO
Location: Lazarevac, Serbia
Client: The Union of Serbian Architects
Program: Residential housing
Status: Public competition
Area: 18,029 sqm
Design Year: 2012


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