Urban Shelter / Gabriela Gomes

© João Morgado

Designed by , Shelter ByGG” brings out to public space a sculptural object that can be used as a living space. She proposes the creation of an habitable module, inviting you to rest inside a sculpture installed on a public space. Photographed by Joao Morgado, this project is an artistic manifestation that provides an innovative and unexpected experience as an accommodation space, associated with eco-­‐sustainable solutions and mobility. More images and architects’ description after the break.

© João Morgado

This module will have one double room with integrated WC, assuring the comfort and privacy of its users. The aesthetic part can’t be forgotten and it is one of the strongest aspects of this project. It is an experimental object which combines sculpture, design and architecture, defying new experiences with space and questioning relations of artistic enjoyment and habitation issues. Therefore, “Shelter by GG” gathers plastic concepts with functionality and sustainability from one space only, something like a “cocoon/ bedroom”.

© João Morgado

In its construction and functioning, the environmental concerns can be seen, mainly on: the sustainability, by using non-­‐polluting and recycled materials(OSB-­‐Oriented Strand Board – engineered wood-based panel; Cork Thermal/ acoustic and Anti vibration insulation; Cork wall – projected cork) and on the energetic eco-­‐efficiency, using solar energy and LED lighting technology.


The mobility, associated to the temporary feature of this installation, turns it into an “itinerant object”. In a first phase it will be installed and presented at 2012 – European Capital of Culture, however, it is easy mobility on a TIR will allow that it goes to other places with no need of infrastructures.

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