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  7. Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk

Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk

  • 01:00 - 15 June, 2009
Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk
Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk

Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk +22

  • Architects

  • Location

    Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
  • Architects

    Hania Stambuk Marasovic
  • Structure Engineer

    Claudio Hinojosa
  • Constructed Area

    674 sqm
  • Area

    2447.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. Starting the project from the abandoned facilities of a salt factory in the western sector of Santiago Chile, the commission is considered as a counterpoint of industrial aesthetics of the precarious versus a clear and contemporary proposal that complies with the various demands of an advertising agency.

The program is developed considering a workplace for the creative staff that includes offices, conference rooms, photographic studios, service and storage areas, cafeteria, restrooms and incorporated parking.

The project's strategy consists of providing a human scale to a place conceived for productive processes. For this effect, a number of inter-related flexible units are arranged to host the diverse activities inherent to the world of advertising; activities that range from ordinary situations to unlikely ones, like photography of wild animals or vehicles.

From the standpoint of plasticity the project is expressed as a huge meccano, an image congruent with a prefabricated system of construction based on low cost serial modulation, consequently materials that enabled quick assembling were used: steel, glass, and Isopol panels. The panels have great thermal capacity and were developed for industrial use in refrigerating chambers. Additionally, it was chosen for its rigidity, versatility, and low weight, permitting easy transport.

Each one of the cells conceived to host the programmatic functions constitutes a "small citadel" that linearly encompasses completely the creative process like an assembly line of ideas. These units of controlled atmosphere ensure a comfortable work environment within the great preexisting containing structure.

Programmatic units are structurally joined by braided steel cables anchored to the existing trusses, in order to obtain the maximum structural capacity of the constructive elements that comprise those units; thus creating a non-dissociable relationship between the old and the new project ( host and guest ).

Architecture is re-invented on the site as an advertising metaphor, where astonishment and fiction surpass reality...

Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk" 15 Jun 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Bigideamastermindvid.Com · March 08, 2014

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ILikeLoft · July 03, 2012

???? ?????????? ????????? ?? ??????????? ??????. Advertising agency in abandoned salt factory

Robert Pilichowski · May 26, 2011

Pullpo Advertising Agency in Chile has some ridiculous digs -

Marika Varady · March 27, 2011

Refurbishment of salt factory in Chile by Hania Stambuk

Andres · June 18, 2009

I' ve been there, and the pictures really represent the simplicity and good decitions of all the elements that put together this cool place.
Good for Pullpo!

Azar · June 17, 2009

Exciting treatment of spaces, the lights of the hall building are perfectly placed, the intervention of different components,the versatility and manufacture gives a new way of architecture in Chile.
Congrats Pullpo

Pichon · June 17, 2009

the best project ever! i know the proyect is in the inside but i´d like to see the outside to get know the context, and see how the intervention in the inside afects the outside.

congrats hania!

Miko · June 17, 2009

Great Job, nice use of spaces and the hole in the wall you just have to love it. It is a really great idea to bring old buildings back to life again. Congratulations!!.

Candy · June 17, 2009

Great construction, so cool, is one of my favorite and such a great idea to bring back to life old buildings!

roxy · June 17, 2009

It is a very special, simple and modern proyect, very cool!

JM · June 16, 2009

Very cool, I love the idea and the space. But I think the lack of daylight might be a problem in the long run.

Rhodgeer · June 16, 2009

That opening shot of the view through the wall... just superb. What a move!

Benjamin · June 16, 2009

Cool! Is the roof an exisiting structure or new?

mkk · June 16, 2009

Pretty much my favourite building in the last few years. wow

Fino · June 16, 2009

Seems like a lot of room and volume for just an ad agency. I'd would rather see architects all over the place, taking advantage of all the ample space......which is rare for most architecture firm spaces. I would love to see how the workers might have came across creative ways to use the spaces, but I can't because the photos lack the most important element/s.........people.

that is all.

J · June 16, 2009

i love the feel of this. good choice of colors as well, the darkness and simplicity of things give you an urge to create something which is great for an ad agency


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Pullpo 广告公司 / Hania Stambuk