Photography: Copenhagen Inspires / Danica Kus

Copenhagen Inspires, a photography series by . © .

Few cities have embraced contemporary Architecture more – or better – than Copenhagen. Since the early 2000s, international architects, from Norman Foster to Daniel Liebskind to Zaha have all left their mark, yes, but Danish architects themselves can take much of the credit for Copenhagen’s forward-thinking design. Firms with short, hip names, like BIG and 3XN, are not just transforming – they’re on the cutting-edge of architecture itself.

Architecture photographer, Danica Kus, who recently shared with us her shots of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, has also shared another series, “Copenhagen Inspires,” which captures Copenhagen’s many architectural gems – from The Crystal to the Green Lighthouse  to Bella Sky Hotel.

See them, and more of her stunning images, after the break.

Copenhagen Inspires, a photography series by Danica Kus. © Danica Kus.

As our very own Architecture City Guide on Copenhagen put it: “The Danish attention to detail is absolutely stunning. Besides the wonderful historic architecture,  is filled with contemporary architecture of the highest quality.”

Copenhagen Inspires, a photography series by Danica Kus. © Danica Kus.

“Remarkably, you rarely find the new clashing with the old. More often than not, the contemporary architecture in  actually heightens the experience of the historic buildings and streets.”

Bella Sky Hotel by 3XN architects. Part of "Copenhagen Inspires," a photography series by Danica Kus. © Danica Kus.


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  • Daniel

    Firms like 3XN and BIG on the cutting edge of architecture? They’re so laughably far away from being so.

    Unfortunately those truely at the forefront of Architecture in Denmark are so often eclipsed by the head scratchingly overwhelming hype surrounding firms such as BIG.

  • JK

    Architectural Photographer? I’m surprised this article is on ArchDaily! Danica’s archphotos are more like quick snapshots than architectural photography. Mediocre composition, lighting, etc. does not make for “inspired” architectural photogrpahy.

  • Archer

    I agree with JK … These images look like tourist mobile phone shots. I’m sure my mother could do better and she doesn’t know which end to look through !!

    Why publish this when there are so many great architectural photographers working hard to produce quality images.

  • archigrafix

    Copenhagen has so interesting buildings. The architects are good, but the construction industry is one of the best in the world. Therefore it’s always great to visit and take some photos when staying in town.

  • JK

    I have nothing against taking pictures, however these “stunning images” do less to help the practice of architectural photography than merely document the existence of buildings. If this is supposed to be a photo series by a professional (?) architectural photographer, we should not be discussing the act of “taking photos when staying in town,” rather the ideas behind the photos that associate with architecture.