Student Housing Proposal / CEBRA

Courtesy of CEBRA

In cooperation with engineers LB Consult, CEBRA recently won the competition for 48 new student housing units in , ’s 5th largest city. The eye-catching proposal consists of 26,910 sq. ft. apartments spread across ten floors and outdoor areas with terraces and activity zones such as a street basket field. The project is commissioned by the housing association Ungdomsbo and they expect that the first students can move in in January 2014. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of CEBRA

The building contains two basic functions: apartments – both for students and for young elitist sports practitioners – and common areas. The common areas are located at ground level, with direct access to the terraces and outdoor activities, and on the roof, with a spectacular view over the Danish Wadden Sea.

Courtesy of CEBRA

By placing the apartments between the two common areas, the building achieves a high level of flexibility and the housings can be reorganized freely, according to possible changing functional demands in the future.

Architects: CEBRA
Location: Esbjerg, Denmark
Cooperation: LB Consult
Service: Architectural services incl. landscape
Client: Boligforeningen Ungdomsbo
Type: Competition
Category: Housing
Purpose: 48 student housings
Size: 2,500 m2
Budget: ca. DKK 36 mio. / EUR 4,85 mio. excl. VAT
Prize: Competition 1st prize
Energy Class: Low energy class 2020
Year: 2012 – ongoing

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Student Housing Proposal / CEBRA" 05 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • collins ekene

    wow….this is truely an architectural master piece that wows the mind….its form, function and aesthetics is the type that interacts with its environment…the portrait of an unseen future becoming a living reality thats all i see…coool

  • I am rather tired of repeating the same thing.

    no floor plans = no project!

  • LOW

    “Young elitist athletes?”

  • Dylan

    Those balconies sure look safe enough to be used by students who often will be drunk.. Overall terrible project anyway.

    • Sopa

      it’s a matter of natural selection, those who fall weren’t suppose to win anyway…

  • Rob

    Doesn’t seem to have the storage required for students and fails to account for the weed flags and other shabby apparel that they bring with them.