YAMoPo 2009: Yet Another Most Popular Architecture Sites Ranking

It’s been a year and a couple of months since we first started ArchDaily.

With the one mission of “broadcasting architecture worldwide” we have already published 1,200 architecture related posts and our readers have engaged with more than 12,000 comments in architecture related discussions.

Architecture is the most frequent word we use. We are architects and we love architecture. With this in mind, we have again decided to search and rank the best sites devoted to architecture only. This is not an easy job and of course it can be considered a subjective topic (as it is with every ranking). In order to reduce subjective observations, this year we have decided to consider only a recognized third party ranking system: alexa.com.

Based in our extensive architecture and Internet experience complemented with previous feedback from our readers, we came out with a list of 20 English written sites devoted to architecture only and ranked them according to alexa.com. Alexa ranks with a number 1 the most popular website in the world, which is now google.com.

The results:

1. ArchDaily (www.archdaily.com)
2. Architectural Record (archrecord.construction.com)
3. Architonic (www.architonic.com)
4. Archinect (www.archinect.com)
5. World Architecture News (www.worldarchitecturenews.com)
6. Architecture week (www.architectureweek.com)
7. Bustler (www.bustler.net)
8. AIA (www.aia.org)
9. World Architects (www.world-architects.com)
10. Bldg Blog (bldgblog.blogspot.com)
11. World Architecture Community (www.worldarchitecture.org)
12. Building Design (www.bdonline.co.uk)
13. Mirage Studio (blog.miragestudio7.com)
14. Architecture.com RIBA (www.architecture.com)
15. Architecture MNP (architecture.myninjaplease.com)
16. AJ Online (www.architectsjournal.co.uk)
17. MIMOA (www.mimoa.eu)
18. Eiknographia (www.eikongraphia.com)
19. Architect Magazine (www.architectmagazine.com)
20. ArchiDose (archidose.blogspot.com)
21. + Mood (plusmood.com)

We know there are some other great sites out there that mix architecture with other subjects (trends, design, sustainability), so we also ranked them as well according to alexa.com.

The results:

1. Designboom (www.designboom.com)
2. Inhabitat (www.inhabitat.com)
3. Yanko Design (www.yankodesign.com)
4. Dezeen (www.dezeen.com)
5. Mocoloco (www.mocoloco.com)
6. Furniture Fashion (www.furniturestoreblog.com)
7. Notcot (www.notcot.org)
8. PSFK (www.psfk.com)
9. The Coolhunter (www.thecoolhunter.net)
10. Contemporist (www.contemporist.com)
11. Dwell Blog (www.dwell.com/blogs)
12. World Changing (www.worldchanging.com)
13. Materialicious (www.materialicious.com)
14. Dezain (www.dezain.net)
15. Icon Eye (www.iconeye.com)
16. We Heart Stuff (www.weheartstuff.co.uk)
17. Things Magazine (www.thingsmagazine.net)
18. City of Sound (www.cityofsound.com)
19. Dezona (www.dezona.com)
20. Tropolism (www.tropolism.com)

Certainly we may have missed a few sites (there are so many around), so we welcome your feedback in order to update this ranking in the future. Please specify the site you would like us to consider and the topic it covers.

We are more than grateful about these results and would like to thank everyone of you for the constant feedback and participation. Thanks to this we are now the best-ranked architecture website in English according to alexa.com.

These results are impressive and we will keep on working hard in order to deliver the best architectural content to your desktops every day, every hour… as soon as it happens ;)

**Update: Due to an involutanry error we missed out our dear friends from MIMOA who are now in the ranking.

Cite: Basulto, David. "YAMoPo 2009: Yet Another Most Popular Architecture Sites Ranking" 09 Jun 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=24023>
  • Archlad

    Definitely this is the site to stay updated with cool and unique architectural content, keep it up lads!

  • frank

    Best site ever!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/herrera Fernando Herrera

    AD has definitely became the “go-to” site for many in the architecture community! Thanks for providing such a great and comprehensive resource!!

  • imagine

    my daily website – keep broadcasting…!

  • Macho

    I just named my kid Arch Daily Ramsey, AD for short!

  • David

    Best arch website ever. Great photography and the drawings make it unique. Love the South American work. Keep us inspired.

  • Cameron

    My daily fix and keep it coming.

  • L

    AD- really best! Thanks thanks thanks…

  • kit

    You’re my favourite at the moment. Keep up the good work and thanks!

    I also like yatzer.com

  • http://www.unitid.nl Matthijs

    Just like to remark I think MIMOA (www.mimoa.eu) should be in the Alexa Top 20 as it is not ranked as good as Materialicious, but quite better than Dezain. See http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/www.mimoa.eu .

  • Ade

    this is my home page i love the site

  • Carlinhos

    First thing I do when I go online. Check ArchDaily. Always something new to see. Keep the good work!

  • http://www.boidus.co.uk Robert

    Yep this site is always comprehensive and always diverse. There are projects to love and to hate and I have certainly found many of the later. I think the success is that it is driven by those with a passion for Architecture. Often I look at AJ and BD and feel they are doing this job as a chore.

    Well done AD!

  • Reger

    Congratulations AD and thanx for ur work.
    I usually look this page and busyboo.com, and i recomend also plataformaarquitectura.cl for latinoamerican work.

  • i.sun

    thanx guys you are the very best!
    keep on goin!

  • roger

    congrats! this is a great site.. lots of photos and info!
    I just found a site from singapore
    interesting design site with a (slightly) asian perspective.. any more similar sites to recommend.. seems like asian based designers are under represented..

  • Pierre

    Congratulations ! This website is really useful and important. Continue !


  • http://www.buscandolaaurora.com carlos coronel

    i hope you can visit:


    …an A to Z of architecture made in mexico.

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  • http://www.unitid.nl Matthijs

    Thanks for putting MIMOA in the top 20. Definitely a great source for all traveling architecture lovers!

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  • http://www.tv-tips.info TV Tips

    I bookmarked your site and will be back here soon. Good luck with it all.

  • http://www.plusmood.com David

    Thank you. Although we are just out of 20th, we feel great to be ranked 21st ;)

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  • http://www.archiseek.com/ Paul Clerkin

    Archiseek.com would come in at 17 on your list and isn’t included.

  • nischal

    i have fallen in love with this website.

  • sharwe


  • http://www.kollectif.net/ Martin Houle

    Thanks a lot for the info! If you’re ever interested on what’s going on in the Quebec and Montreal architectural community, please visit http://www.kollectif.net/ which is partnership with the Building Montréal UNESCO City of Design project (http://www.realisonsmontreal.com/en/), an initiative created by the City of Montreal.

    Born on July 2006, Kollectif emerges from a simple question: what would be the ideal Quebec (Canada) based architecture website?

    It’s in trying to answer that question that the idea of building a website gathering lectures, vernissages and exhibits all in one place took form. And why not add a directory of the best pratices in the province, a job section and a few articles on what’s happening in the other design spheres? Blessed with a great network of contacts built over the years, Kollectif took it upon itself to facilitate communication within the architectural community and to regroup under one roof, articles pertaining to design, construction, theory and the profession. Does the site answer the initial question? Well, it’s the goal that it’s constantly striving to reach!

    Thanks again for the great compilation!

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    Ого! Спасибо вам огромное! Теперь на целый день есть работа! :)