YIBD Block C1-20 / Tange Associates

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The new Yongsan International Business District (YIBD), which will be the new heart of , will be comparable only to a few other city centers on the global stage. As part of the district, the Block C1-20 building, designed by Tange Associates, is a metaphorical expression of the dynamic energy created by the Retail Valley and the building’s own diverse program. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Tange Associates

The C1-20 building will be a significant urban anchor at the very center of the YIBD. It will have a strong relationship to the Retail Valley, to which it offers easy access. The building will mediate between Retail Valley and the surrounding office buildings and will demarcate the path from the Han River through the Retail Valley all the way to Yongsan Station.

Courtesy of Tange Associates

The building provides a gross area of 58,400㎡ on 25 floors and at a height of 165 m. It is distinguished by a unique program mix that combines spaces for ‘learning, creating and communicating’. The building is comprised of educational institutions, a ‘synergy floor’ for events and exhibitions, a three-story fitness center, various regional headquarters for international companies, spaces for private clinics and a 3-star restaurant that opens up to the roof top terraces.

Courtesy of Tange Associates

Its multi-faceted facade frame embraces the building’s aluminum-glass skin in a powerful, upward-spiraling motion. At night, the facade turns into a giant media wall displaying beautiful digital artwork. The appearance at night has a tremendous visual impact on the Retail Valley and will help give a strong sense of identity to the entire district. Thus, it will be an instantly identifiable Landmark for the entire district and a symbol for YIBD’s mission to reach out to the world.

Architects: Tange Associates
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Design: Paul Tange, Yasuhiro Ishino, Michael Thanner
Design Team: Kazuya Ishida, Tomo Osaki, Akira Inamoto, Antonio Bellonio, Kentaro Shiratani, Nobutaka Mori
Materials: Tange Associates
Client: Dreamhub LTD., Seoul / Yongsan Development Co. Ltd, Seoul
Site Area: 9,734㎡
Gross Floor Area: 58.400㎡
Building Scale: 25 Stories above Ground, 1 Story below Ground, (5 Stories of External Use below Ground)
Building Height: 165 m

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "YIBD Block C1-20 / Tange Associates" 04 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=239982>
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