Construction begins on OMA-designed G-Star RAW Headquarters

On the plinth - Courtesy of

Today, in the industrial Zuidoost area of , construction begins on the new OMA-designed headquarters for the fashion brand G-Star RAW. Led by OMA partners Reinier de Graaf, Ellen van Loon and Rem Koolhaas, the project will consolidate G-Star RAW’s existing disparate facilities into a single 27.500m2 horizontal building.

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Concept Diagram - Courtesy of OMA

Creativity is placed in the center of the building, as it is the focus of G-Star RAW. Contrasting materials are used to differentiate this creative nucleus from the supporting program. A transparent glass façade exposes the creative core to the adjacent freeway, while the surrounding service ring is discretely rendered in black concrete.

North West view - Courtesy of OMA

The lower part of the service ring will form a plinth for parking and drop-off access, as well as a podium for ongoing program of events.

Diagram - Courtesy of OMA

A multi-use area – the RAW-space – is situated on the north side of the building. The shifting façade will move with the changing uses of the RAW-space; its sliding hangar-style doors will maximize flexibility for events, workshops and fashion shows. The variations in the form will support a dynamic program, reflecting the spirit of G-Star RAW.

Reinier de Graaf commented: “We have programmed into the building the possibility of public activities as well as creative incubation for the next phase of G-Star RAW’s evolution.”

Highway NW - Courtesy of OMA
On the plinth, model shot - Courtesy of OMA
Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Construction begins on OMA-designed G-Star RAW Headquarters" 25 May 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <>


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    For an OMA designed building these renderings and diagrams are poor and underwhelming.

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    The pervasively unrealistic and dramatized renderings of most ‘star-chitects’ have desensitized us into an infantile mindset–and this is clearly evident in the uninformed comments above. I wonder if we can learn to look beyond render styles to the core of a project. This very well could be a boring project and concept or it could hold some merit in regards to its intentions. But judging projects based on their render style is very asinine.

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    I like it. Renders are good enough to show what this building is about and its all you need. And the style is refreshing after all luxigon inspired photoshop craziness.

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