Europa City / Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

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Parisian architect, Manuelle Gautrand, has shared her massive cultural, recreational and retail center for Triangle de Gonesse, with us.  The competition proposal intends to showcase a variety of European countries’ features – with regard to retail, leisure and cultural amenities – by organizing specific areas for designated countries.

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The project intends to become a destination for not only the French, but all tourists to Europe.  ”The goal is to give a first vision of Europe, before continuing the trip,” explained the architects.

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The project also serves as a study in urban planning as the 600,000 sqm + program requires extensive site planning on a complex site along the motorway between the Charles de Gaule Airport in Roissy and Paris.  ”The project will certainly be the beginning of a complete improvement of this north part of Paris linked to Roissy,” explained Gautrand.

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The architecture of the complex developed into a series of loops which meet programmatic and contextual needs.  Each branch extends into the landscape, allowing the surroundings to be closer and mixed with the indoor and outdoor programs.

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The project is protected by a performative roof that allows for the collection of water, the capturing of solar energy (more than 20 000 sqm of photovoltaic cells will cover the roof surface), and provides some public spaces for all to enjoy the beautiful views of the city.



Architect: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

Project Name: Europa City

Client: Immochan

Location : Triangle de Gonesse, France

Program: Retail, leisure and cultural activities, indoor and outdoor sports activities, hotels, offices, convention center

Area: 600.000 sqm (building) + 700.000 sqm (landscape and outdoor activities)

Dates: International competition – 2011-2012

Consultant: Franck Boutté (Sustainable), D. Besson-Girard (Landscape), Troisième Pôle (Cultural Consultant), SNC Lavalin (Public space engineering), Vanguard (QS).

Architectural team: Olivier Evrard, project manager

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