Only 6 hours left to help fund Jimenez Lai’s Hefner/Beuys House!

Last month we shared with you Jimenez Lai’s vision to transform the Architecture Foundation’s Project Space in London with a cartoonish architectural installation of Super Furniture inspired by the exhibitionism of Hugh Hefner with the live-art of Joseph Beuys. As his first solo exhibition outside of North America, the Chicago-based architect plans to inhabit the Hefner/Beuys House for a few weeks, acting as a 1:1 comic book that people can literally become a part of. You may remember his past projects of the Super-Furniture Series, including the Briefcase House, which he has continued to live in for the past three years, and White Elephant (Privately Soft).

These previous installations were wildly popular, stimulating the imagination of those from across the globe, and there is no doubt the Hefner/Beuys House will do the same. Jimenez Lai is just shy of reaching his funding goal on Kickstarter. With less than 6 hours remaining on the campaign, the time to act is now. Follow this link to help fund Jimenez Lai’s latest Super Furniture project today! In return, you will receive some pretty sweet collectables.

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