40 x Residing in Aspern, Vienna / SUE Architekten

© Hertha Hurnaus

Architects: SUE Architekten
Location: ,
Photographs: Hertha Hurnaus

© Hertha Hurnaus

SUE Architekten has designed forty residences on a 150 x 17 x 35 m plot in the old village of Aspern in Vienna, Austria.  The homes are available in two apartment buildings and eighteen townhouses.  The development covers 45% of the plot; in order to increase the feeling of spaciousness the buildings were laid out in a staggered pattern from one another.  A garden and the eighteen town houses are sited between the two apartment buildings that face the street.

© Hertha Hurnaus
© Hertha Hurnaus

Working within the confines of building regulations that applied to the plot, SUE Architekten designed around the steeply pitched roof requirements by redesigning applications of the dormer and staircase well.  The subtle shifts and changes in the build out of these regulations allowed the architects to design homes that had the same volume as enabled by the pitched roof at a height of four meters, but with a different form – one that provided two main floors and a spacious top floor.

© Hertha Hurnaus

The buildings facing the street are oriented south.  Floor to ceiling doors at the balconies give residents broad views and plenty of light.  The north facades also include balconies that have opening and closing sections, modifying the way that the building appears.

© Hertha Hurnaus
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  • Als

    I like this. The pathways through it are intimate. The complex also resembles white towns of the south.

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    Is it just me or do these two people sitting in this bue-ish space (the ones who look like architects) look rather uncomfortable?

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      chair’s needed