Video: New Careggi Entrance / Ipostudio

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The above video, filmed and edited by DUOSEGNO Visual Design, features a look into the new Careggi entrance in , designed by Ipostudio which becomes the ‘gateway’ to the hospital campus as it acts as both an urban junction as well as an architectural presence. The new entrance does not just function as a door to get inside, but is an area for strolling, for spontaneous interaction, and a place which represents the intricacy of the largest hospital development in all of central Italy. Through a new ‘square’, a new archway for Florence, this covered plaza, which draws inspiration from the grand urban traditions of the Florentine porticos, allows for this to happen.

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Video: New Careggi Entrance / Ipostudio" 02 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • Cuneese

    Che noia l’Italia

    • TopGun

      Perché che noi l’Italia?

      Invece penso che ci sia molto da fare, moltissime opportunità da cogliere.
      Le sfide da affrontare in futuro sono tante e questo mi pare tutt’altro che noioso.

      • Cuneese

        Siamo d’accordo. Ma sono proprio le risposte che vengono date a queste sfide e opportunita’ ad essere noiose.

    • TopGun

      @Cuneese adesso ho capito il tuo punto.
      Non lo condivido ma ho capito, dal primo commento non si capiva cosa intendessi dire.


  • Mike Bond

    Frustration. Got so tired of this typical piano background music in such videos, whether it’s nature or architecture. Please, understand me correct, the music itself is beautiful, but it is just overused. There always are beautiful examples of music from other styles and genres. Perhaps, silence would fit this particular video better, because architecture in it is silent and unemotional. IT’S ONLY MY OPINION AS A MUSICIAN THOUGH.

    • TopGun


      I do not agree with you.
      Silence, sure could be filled with shapes of building, this is not incorrect.
      But in my humble opinion “Elegant Euphoria” (this is the name of the piano soundtrack, is not it? ) fits well with the calm around this places.

      I am sure that it is possible to find a better soundtrack, it is always possible to make progress, but I think this piano background it is not so boring as you feel.

      I say this with no disrespect to you.
      This is just my opinion, that piano background gave me good emotions.

  • lacullinane


    I agree, silence would have suited the video of the building. Very elegant and beautiful building though.