Underwater Hotel planned for Dubai

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shipbuilder Drydocks World has signed on with Switzerland’s BIG InvestConsult, on behalf of partner Deep Ocean Technology (DOT), to become the sole construction contractor of the futuristic Water Discus Underwater Hotels in the Middle East. Tailored to the luxurious lifestyle, aspiring divers and marine life enthusiasts, the patent-protected concept by DOT is comprised of disc-shaped volumes that are both above and below the water’s surface, exploring the depths of the ocean while taking advantage of the warm climate.

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Courtesy of Deep Ocean Technology

The single water discus module works as an independent structure, with the possibility of joining other modules to create a larger resort complex. Each module consists of two discs; one disc is submerged ten-meters underwater and the other floats five to seven-meters above the sea’s surface. Both parts are connected by three structural “legs” and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway.

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Enormous panes of glass frame the vibrant sea life within each of the twenty-one private rooms, located in the underwater disc. A special lighting system is integrated within each room, allowing visitors to illuminate the water world and view the sea creatures. Adjacent to these rooms is an underwater dive center and a fully stocked bar.

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The above-water disc is comprised of a restaurant, spa, a special recreation area and a multifunctional lobby that is built inside an enormous swimming pool. The swimming pool can be accessed by the roof, along with a rooftop garden and the helicopter pad.

Courtesy of Deep Ocean Technology

The safety of the occupants is placed at high priority. The structure is designed to withstand the most adverse weather conditions. And, in the event of any danger, the underwater disc will automatically surface. However, one must question the safety of the marine life if this hotel is constructed. DOT highlighted the fact that each disc is sized according to the local condition and has the ability to be relocated if “any changes in the environmental or economic conditions occur”.

Courtesy of Deep Ocean Technology

Technology: Lech Rowinski (Technical University of Gdansk)
CEO: Arkadiusz Majerski
CFO: Jacek Zdrojewski
Company’s Development : Grzegorz Malenczuk
Architecture: Pawel Podwojewski
Executive Creative Director: Pawel Podwojewski
3D Artist: Dimitriy Belozertsev at MOTYW

Reference: Deep Ocean Technology, World Architecture News

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Underwater Hotel planned for Dubai" 08 May 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=232686>
  • Nathan Myers

    Reminiscent of Otoh Gunga and Kamino imagery from the Star Wars prequels.

  • Salihu abdulazeez

    Dats vry interesting

  • Alex F.

    inspired by The Jetsons?

  • Thomas David

    Startrek spaceship..

  • Jentz

    I used to work in Dubai and would definitely not trust the quality of any construction there.. above and definitely not below ground level.

    • Pierre

      …are you saying the Burj and others are in trouble?

    • singh

      It is a shame to see your comment on this site. Dubai makes the impossible possible!!! Wake up…..

  • Jens

    Dubai makes me sick ! All of us know what happens there, but lots of “architects” do not care.

    A disney world for adults, built by slavery.

    It is a shame to present and celebrate these works, nothing more !

    • singh

      Please take the time and wake up!! This place provides a safe haven for all that chose to be here… There is no such thing as slavery anymore!! Wakey wakey!!

  • LLH

    YES! This made my day.. Thank you! What an elaborate joke… It’s clever how they are relocating the great barrier reef!! and the guy “sketching” the design on a tablet!! Priceless..

    Thank you for working so hard just to make me laugh:)

  • Nicolas Pappas

    intriguing… but I am a bit worried

  • Tarcy Naiken Morel

    yes it does look like the startreck spaceship but what about the effects the construction process will have on the sealife…???

  • iamkaokao

    looks great the first and second picture would been awesome for the gorillaz cover album , the reef its funny but would be cool if there was a reef.. and the estructure would look like that… lol

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  • Kid

    I don’t think the corals would still look like that after the construction. The view’d be more like a coral graveyard and a lot of sand.

    • Snejinka Radulova

      I don’t know why you are saying that you laughed when seeing the guy drawing on a tablet..with thorough investigation of the sea level and pressure it is not impossible this to be built. I have been in Dubai and I may say that their projects are actually good..nevermind lots of people think it’s quite posh and without any sense,moreover I don’t know any other architect who hasn’t started a project without this first sketch or whatever…great ideas do actually come from a single sketch..accomplishment is what makes it harder but in this case don’t think it’s impossible…could be actually pushed even further..