Blueseed, The Pirate Ship of Silicon Valley

One of the concept vessels for Blueseed, The Blueseed Hive.

In my latest Editorial, I made the case that the future Silicon Valleys of the world will be in our cities. I have to admit, though, that I never thought about them being on our seas.

This is the idea behind Blueseed, a floating startup incubator located 12 miles off-shore of the Valley, in international waters. Although meant to cater to an international crowd (so they can skirt the tricky Visa process), a Blueseed survey suggests that the venture is actually most attractive for its potential to be an “awesome startup- and - oriented space.” Visa or not.

So, its seems that if Blueseed is to set sail by 2014, the design will be critical. Check out the renderings of the concept vessels below and let us know: do you think they’re “awesome” enough to tempt the 133 companies who have shown interest so far?

Via Venture Beat and Huffington Post. Images via Blueseed.

For more pics and info on Blueseed, read after the break.

Blueseed Concept Vessel, The Two Towers
Blueseed Map
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  • Donald Bryan

    If this isn’t a good illustration of the lengths companies will go to to avoid California’s ho$tility toward business, then I don’t know what is.

  • Ayuok Meen Abraham

    Ilove your architecture.

  • Soupdragon

    If you’re a start-up, the first thing to look for is cheap accomodation, this ‘ship’ certainly doesn’t provide that. Also how do I get clients to visit my office easily?

    My money is on this being a fake story.

    • myalien

      Its a true story alright. CNN, Reuters etc have all covered this. But, you are right… I guess they are only looking for start-ups backed by huge venture capitalists.

  • archi

    But it’s no match for the Crimson Permanent Assurance…