Video: The Printable House / 1:1 Arkitektur

Danish architects from 1:1 Arkitektur, in collaboration with Facit Homes, are constructing an entire house in just four weeks with only their computer and a CNC machine. Constructed entirely out of wood, the printed house demonstrates a sustainable, quick and affordable alternative to conventional building that minimizes waste and simplifies the buildings process. Many argue that this way of building is the future of construction.

Reference: Reuters, Archinect

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Video: The Printable House / 1:1 Arkitektur" 06 May 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <>


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    We have seen wooden house before.

    Using a CNC machine doesn’t make the house sustainable. It only takes some of the labor of the building process.

    People built houses and people lives in houses.

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    It’s a good thing, but this is not really new, and not really revolutionary, don’t oversell it.

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    Since cad cutting has been around for a long time it would be interesting to see how the production of actual houses relates to material use,speed of assembly, modularity and adaptation.
    This could become the future but it needs to be real information to make it develop.

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      hahahah this is simply prefabricated construction, just more expensive and slower… only god is unic diesign.

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    It is not prefabricated, they are all bespoke modules. This gives you a hell of possibilities and it’s still pretty easy and quick…

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    This is when? May 2012? The digital revolution in timber housing was a bit quicker than that, I’m afraid. Firms like Blumer-Lehmann, Hector Egger, Renggli, Baufritz and many others came out of their basements years ago. by now, with much bigger production facilites and a slightly different approach (much more off-site prefabrication), the on-site erection of a timber family house usually is done in 2-3 days.

    Nice marketing, though. Just enough buzzwords to sound like the “future of construction” to the average layman.

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