Architect Rem Koolhaas in The Simpsons

As seen in The Simpons, Season 23, Episode 19. April 29, 2012.

In last episode, Rem Koolhaas made a brief appearance where he is shown teaching to a group of students.

As Metropolitan Monk noted in, to appear in The Simpsons episode is the most unchallengeable proof that you have achieved Starchitect status.

The Scene, described by “ is working – on a cruise ship notabene – as an instructor – probably in iconographic buildings – in KIDZONE ELITE. The ship, just like CCTV, is an emblem of closure. The architect is holding a couple of lego-bricks in his left hand while seeming to fix something to the back of the tower”.

With the excitement of seeing Koolhaas on television, which architect would you like to see on a future episode?

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Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Architect Rem Koolhaas in The Simpsons" 03 May 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Sep 2014. <>


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    Definitely Frank Lloyd Wright. Lisa can become enamored with his style and invite him to Springfield. She can start a fund-raising drive to have him design a new library in town. Homer can screw the whole thing up by agreeing with Mr. Wright about how the cantilevered roof doesn’t need any reinforcing steel. Hmmm, better get back to work…

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      And then it would be destroyed by Burns to build another McMansion

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    I’d like to see Cameron Sinclair on The Simpsons! Arch for Humanity seems like a good cause for Lisa to promote.

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    As far as I’ve seen, the Simpson’s have had Frank Ghery and Rem Koolhaas on their show. Are there any other architects who have already appeared?

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    Terunobu Fujimori – His architecture would make for great/playful cartoon illustration.

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    I agree, Frank Lloyd Wright would be good. He has such an amusing personality. I can easily see Lisa enamored by him, Wright being more than happy to have his ego fed. He could dash around Springfield with his cape and his cars full of women.

    Mies probably wouldn’t be very good, lol. I can imagine him either weightily going on about elevating material fact to spiritual truth, or about the zeitgeist. Or Lisa could spend the entire episode fervently working on a project, and at the end Mies can very plainly say, “Why don’t you do it again?” Or maybe Mies could just get drunk for the episode, lol

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    but hang on, isn’t that Bjarke Ingels at the front middle carrying the food tray???

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    In the past Christmas episode set in the future, the Simpson house is flanked by a geodesic dome and a house that looks like the Chemosphere. So Fuller AND Lautner have already been represented by design…

    How about a Shigeru Ban cameo where he collects Homer’s used toilet paper rolls and makes a new addition to the house?

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