Innovation, Science & Technology Building at Florida Polytechnic / Santiago Calatrava

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Designed by renowned architect, Santiago Calatrava, the new Innovation, Science & Technology building at Florida Polytechnic University will establish the design scheme for all other structures within the campus’ master plan, which Calatrava is also responsible. Until the other structures within the master plan are built, the new Innovation, Science & Technology building, which just broke ground in March will also need to function as the campus itself; being able to accommodate various events and functions. More images and architects’ description after the break.

In addition to the classrooms, laboratories, administration offices and common spaces, the two-story structure will also feature a large amphitheater that can be used for hosting exhibitions, lectures and graduation ceremonies. Calatrava’s design also incorporates an outdoor garden terrace, shaded by a continuous pergola that serves as surrogate campus grounds and provides an outdoor learning, gathering and seating area.

“As a graduate of a Polytechnic university, it is a privilege to be able to contribute to the pursuit of education within the fields of science and technology,” said Santiago Calatrava. “It is my hope that this first building for Polytechnic’s new campus will be enjoyed for generations to come, while also acting as a catalyst for continued architectural and technological advancement.”

Calatrava was first commissioned to design the cornerstone for the new campus after the University determined that its existing space was unable to accommodate its increasing number of students. Located at the northernmost corner of the campus, the new Innovation, Science & Technology building is positioned to serve as an iconic focal point for the University as well as a beacon for further development throughout the region. It is also expected to help increase the profile of Florida’s High Tech Corridor as an incubator and economic engine for the state.

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