House in Xove / Jesús San Vicente Domingo

© Ángel Baltanás

Architects: Jesús San Vicente Domingo
Location: Xove, ,
Collaborator: David González
Built Area: 310 sqm
Site Area: 2,200 sqm
Photographs: Ángel Baltanás

The house is situated in a “finis terrae” (Latin expression for “Land’s end”). It submits itself to a double condition, because while one side it looks at the sea, the other is also being observed from the land.

© Ángel Baltanás

The whole project has been thought and developed so it can resolve those two different concepts. On one hand, the house wants to be a rock, a geographical feature that metabolizes like a big window that frames the landscape.


But on the other hand, it is a piece of timber thrown by the sea, as a fragment of a fossil boat.

© Ángel Baltanás

The meeting of these ideas, both atavistic and germinal, produces a contemporary house with the treatment of all the details and materials of its own time.


The lack of eaves, the frameless glass of the rail, the glass corners, the continuity of the wooden parapet, the freedom of the interior space, the pergola with its naked profiles, etc., intend to provide the house with an essential character, primitive and sophisticated at the same time.

© Ángel Baltanás
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