Sign this Petition and Help Save Paul Rudolph’s Orange County Government Center

Orange County Government Center by Paul Rudolph © Times - Tony Cenicola

Many of you may already be aware that Paul Rudolph’s iconic Orange County Government Center is at risk of being demolished. Leaky roofs and a damaging flood have convinced Orange Country executive director Eddie Diana to favor this dreadfully mundane neo-colonial office building over Rudolph’s Brutalist landmark. Cost is not an issue, as the price tag for the new building exceeds the cost to renovate the historical icon, and many understand the immense cultural value of preserving a legacy; however, this battle is nearing a loss and only solidarity will save it.

The World Monuments Fund (WMF) has launched a petition to oppose the demolition. With the Orange County Legislature deciding the fate of Rudolph’s building next month (May 3), it is important you sign the petition now. WMF needs to collect 20,000 signatures. Sign the petition here.

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Sign this Petition and Help Save Paul Rudolph’s Orange County Government Center" 28 Mar 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Sam

    I agree that the replacement building is terrible, however this building seems out of date and badly built.

    They would probably be best to replace it with a good building instead.

    • James

      Sam, the building is well-built, but horribly maintained. Part of the high demolition costs is that the structure is sound, and it won’t come down easily. There are are certainly lots of improvements that can be made to bring this building up to date in terms of energy performance and aesthetics, while still respecting the original design. It has good bones.

  • EC

    This is a clear case of a poorly built building. Dreadful is the right word… for both of the buildings!!! Deciding betwwen saving trash or building crap… You got to love AMERICA! I normally wouln’t agree but given the circunstancies, I think money should be the issue e go for the cheapest one

  • matthew

    this building is eligible for FEMA funding for repairs resulting from damages from hurricane irene (4020) and tropical storm lee (4031). in other words, most, if not all, of the money needed to make repairs as the result of damage from the hurricane is available if they have applied for assistance. i work for FEMA on a contract basis as an engineer (i’m 6/7 of an architect) and i can attest to the funding available.

    there is NO economic reason whatsoever for this building to be demolished givent he money available to fix it.

  • matthew fitzpatrick

    fema funding should be paying for hurricane related damage repairs, as long as the city of goshen or county of orange has filled out a request for public assistance for this facility (category E), under disaster 4020 or 4031. there is no excuse for replacement of this building, as the EHP department in FEMA would immediately reject replacement of this building if they had applied for funding. it does not appear as though they have applied for funding to fix hurricane related damages to this building as of yet. additionally, FEMA will reject funding if maintenance on the building has been deferred….

  • Supreme

    This is an amazing building…Im not a big fan of this style brutalist architecture, but this building is gorgeous and influential and should stay!

  • tonobung

    If anyone has actually taken the time to look at this building they would see that it is in reality a triumph of the human spirit! The architectural atrocity that exists at this location is the institutional brick bland blockhead building that’s attached to one end. If properly dealt with, people would travel from the far reaches of the planet for the opportunity to see it! No one will come to Goshen from 10 miles away to look at the institutional building that would replace it. Should we burn all our Billy Holiday records because everyone listens to Lady Gaga?