AD Round Up: ORDOS 100 Part I

ORDOS 100 is a development in Inner Mongolia that you might have heard of. It consist of one hundred 1000sqm villas designed by 100 hip architects in 100 days, selected by Herzog & de Meuron over a master plan developed and curated by Ai Wei Wei (FAKE Design). So now we bring you our first Round Up of the first ORDOS project’s featured on ArchDaily.

#1: Alejandro Aravena Architects
We are going to feature the projected villas each week, and hopefully we manage to document all #100. We have contacted several offices already, but if you are part of ORDOS 100 and we haven´t got in touch with you, please use the contact form. We start with the villa by Alejandro Aravena (Chile). No project description, but you can understand some of the concept design from the sketches (read more…)

ORDOS 100 #2: Luca Selva Architects
The design-operation was to transform specific landscape beneath the plot in architecture, little lakes and ponds will be transformed into courtyards, dunes into spaces, topography into stores. This design-strategy points out a specific building closely related to the site. A specific villa with a specific shape, specific spaces and a specific shell in bricks. The villa is landscape transformed into architecture (read more…)

ORDOS 100 #3: nArchitects
Conceived as an Inner House within an Outer House, our villa combines two distinct spatial and thermal conditions. The Inner House is designed as a compact, essential house, containing 60% of the project’s total volume and 75% of its area. Outer House provides a protective enclosure, and a unique series of interconnected, voluminous, sky-lit spaces. This layered strategy responds (read more…)

ORDOS 100 #4: Rafi Segal
The building responds to the intersection of these economies by articulating a variable relation between private and public or “privacy and publicity.” The building alternates between a state of radical interiority providing an introvert retreat that gives away no image; and a state of total exhibitionism that publicly exposes its interiors. A series of pathways and spaces are carved out (read more…)

ORDOS 100 #5: HHF
The physical context for the Ordos 100 project is limited to climatical conditions and some few regulations by the master plan done by FAKE Design. Within Ordos 100, this project is simply the HHF house. It’s making an issue out of the fact that 99 other architects are simultaneously and independently planning 99 houses with an identical program within the same master plan (read more…)

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  • dustin

    So now there is going to be a collection of all these houses besides the random house every couple of days? Please Mr. Archdaily give us a rest.

  • David Basulto [tricky]


    We are doing this so people that just discovered ArchDaily can see works featured months ago. Trust me, this won´t be happening often.

  • skubanga

    oh dustin, the trick is easy, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  • José

    There are some Ordos projects quiet interesting.The thhing is the way they choose the teams…this should have been an architectural contest even if it´s a private promotor.

  • Lukas

    I subscribed to archdaily rss feed and I still don’t get it why is it always part I. Is there part II somewhere on the website? It is not obvious I think

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  • dustin

    Ok, it’s just that 100 projects plus 20 roundups seems like a lot of Ordos. But I guess that if we continue to recieve a daily dose of other projects it should all be ok. Keep up the good work.

  • knulp

    No more Ordos

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