‘Stavia 2012′ Hotel Proposal / Marciano Architecture

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Marciano Architecture shared with us their proposal for the ‘Stavia 2012′ competition. Located in Lake Neuchatel, , the thin blades of the hotel fit the smooth landscape of the lake to create a suspended, stretched design towards the horizon. The project celebrates the meeting between the landscape of the park and the lake, nature and water, in a staging of the exchange, the pleasure of vacationing. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Marciano Architecture

The water, the glass, and the horizontal slaps affirm the scenography of the sight, of the resting, of serenity, of pending time, an immovable journey. The park, from the city, is stretched towards the building, interfering in the patios up to the bank. The hotel organizes layered structure and operation of the facility; layer of material and vacuum produce large terraces, open and generous view of the lake.

Courtesy of Marciano Architecture

Transparency is an invitation to contemplation, rest, to a close with a rich territory and is a quest for an absolute and radical relationship between man and landscape, cinemascope vision of a changing nature of the seasons, a lake like a painting, a work constantly reinvented. The garden becomes a natural continuity, a journey from the city to the lake. We wanted this garden through the building, thus preserving the idea of continuity, smooth ride, a ubiquitous landscape.

Courtesy of Marciano Architecture

The garden in the heart of the building, implements a brute nature, a romantic landscape sculpting the hotel patios, terraces planted flower beds. The landscape, in contact with the project, is one with architecture, sometimes merging with the supporting structure, surrounding walls, through the main hall to the shore. Here, the garden is a heave, becomes a mossy rock which will curl the gourmet restaurant.

Architects: Marciano Architecture
Location: Lake Neuchatel, Switzerland
Team: Diego Sologuren, Julien Hubert, Leila Bochicchio, Stéphanie Vander Goten, Tatiana Ivanovic, Julien Casalta
Consultants: Atelier DOTS, Landscape architects
Project Owner: Municipality of d’Estavayer-le-Lac / Stavia 2012 program
Program: 100 room Hotel, 50 seasonal apartments, Brasserie, gourmet restaurant, SPA, nightclub, park, arrangement of banks

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