House N / Sharon Neuman Architects & Oded Stern-Meiraz

© Elad Sarig

Architects: Sharon Neuman Architects & Oded Stern-Meiraz
Location: , Israel
Area: 500 sqm
Photographs: Elad Sarig

© Elad Sarig

260 sqm modern minimalist house is located in the unlikely setting of the rural town of even Yehuda, 20 minutes drive from Tel Aviv. The concept for the house was inspired by the work of minimalist artist Walter De Maria- Gothic Shaped Drawing that’s is showing a basic one line 2 dimensional shape of a house, almost as is drawn by a child.

© Elad Sarig

A tall brick painted wall in a traditional shape of a house, together with an attached outdoor chimney, provide the needed privacy the clients requested towards the front, and contrasting with the rear of the house which is made completely of glass and is open to the back – facing north.

plan 01

A floating open bridge/balcony on the first floor also acts as a canopy for the main entrance underneath and leads visitors through a long gap in the external wall to the main entrance of the house.

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    A professor of me once said: if toilets are placed well, the rest of the plan will also be ok. This is a typical example. Unfortunately not in it’s positive way.

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    I think you’re being a bit harsh; the toilets and general plan isnt awful, although a bit uninspired.
    The overtly picturesque elevational thing, with the pop out and all, all very cliche and Graves experimented with this kind of layering many mnay years ago, and more thoughtfully than a doodle by an artist as justification, actually takes away from the design. If they got rid of that and just focused on making a great house, it would be vastly improved.

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      But I think the facade is ok. It’s not old-school here, I think it has some modern ingredients and I somehow like this.

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