University of Twente Campus buildings / Arons en Gelauff Architecten


Two student housing buildings present Arons en Gelauff Architecten in the University of Twente. A 3 stories building with a great contrast between its exterior and interior and the other one, with an amazing climbing wall on the north-west elevation.

Take a look at the photographs, drawings and descriptions after the break.


The location of Calslaan lies on the edge of the and Social Centre. In order to leave the wonderful green space as intact as possible, the building has been located on a former parking lot. We have set the building immediately next to the edge of the wood so that you are almost literally able to live in the wood.


The entrances to all the dwellings lie on the inside of the complex. The contrast between the serene exterior and the busy and informal interior is boosted to a maximum by this. The colourful glass frontages reflect the wood on the outside, the round bicycle sheds, the stairs and access ramps on the inside.


The building is linked to the facilities street, the Boulevard, by a square cut into the block. On the square, in the inside corner of the building the communal space is spread over three layers ending in a communal roof terrace.


The high rise at the Campagneplein location lies in the middle of the Residential and Social Centre on the Boulevard facilities street. The project stands between the Bastille by Piet Blom and the Herman Haan sport centre. Just like the Calslaan project, this building is also on a former parking lot.


The building is nine stories high on the sport fields’ side. On the Boulevard side, the building fits the small-scale character of this pedestrian street with two building layers. The supermarket and the hairdresser are on this side. On the first floor, the dwellings are situated round a communal roof terrace.The façade facing the sport centre is fitted out as a climbing wall.

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  • Daniel Con

    i love it!!!!!! i love that dutch architecture is so fun!!

  • Brown_ie

    I like this project, but take a look to the apartments floor plans…they are narrow and bad done… why designer never paid atention to the internal sensations…they design a climbing wall but not a normal well done confortable apartment… and copy and pasted 100000 times

  • Lucas Gray

    I like their playfulness. Architecture is often taken too seriously. I also like the reflected woods on the facade of the one project. However, in general I kind of think both buildings are a little bit ugly.

  • tob

    idea of that wall is great !

  • mister tom

    the wall is brilliant, but yeah the buildings are a tad ugly, but they could be a hell of alot worse, ang hey, its student housing! And by the way, im on campus in bath and id love a room that big, narrow space like that can be good for a study bedroom anyway, Id just hate to see the accommodation fees!

  • WhAT Association

    Студентско общежитие в Холандия със стена за катерене. Колко различен може да бъде Студентски град.

  • barleduc

    looks like I need to visit my brother soon:

  • bruno mavet

    adorei a ‘climbing wall’ na lateral!

  • DCV

    I’d hate to live there, honestly. Each apartment is so small and the organization is terrible.

  • MZ

    I have to agree with Brown_ie and DCV. Student appartments are all over the world planned without squeezing a separate kitchen in the individual rooms. A big common kitchen with the possibility to sit together is the center of community life and is the most fequented place in student housing. You only go to your room to study or if you want your privacy. This would bring space in the rooms to ease the plan and would make the project cheaper, so that you could afford a common kitchen on each floor.
    Nonetheless, I love the climbing wall.

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  • Mookie Wilson

    Very interesting visually and programatically, but, frankly, inviting college students to hang several stories off the side of their dorm may be the worst idea ever.

  • Daniel Con

    I would kill for a dorm room that size! I guess it is all relative. At my university, they would have tried to cram 3 beds into that room

  • Olivier M.

    University of Twente Campus buildings/Arons en Gelauff Architecten. Love the climbing wall idea on the building :)

  • OOO Trespto Design

    Para @dumafiga :

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  • Marty

    @lmclaug You mean like this? #future #climbing

  • Marty

    I still love the idea of this #climb ing wall

  • LMarle

    RT @martinpribble I still love the idea of this #climb ing wall [What a great idea!]

  • Katie L.

    Holy awesome! RT @martinpribble I still love the idea of this #climb ing wall

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  • Yuri Pinto

    I agree with MZ that there is no need to fit a kitchen area on each apartment. Regardless the project it’s a great example that student housing isn’t just a sleeping area, a sad concept used until this day on Brazilian universities.