Ski Jumping Hill for Serbian Ski Resort

Our friend Djordje Pejkovic from sent us this interesting project, currently in development. The Jumping Hill is located in the Kopaonik Resort in central , close to the border with Kosovo. The 120 meter structure is made from cross steel tubes and every detail in the column is visible. The top is horizontally cut to accomodate a viewing platform with a coffee shop in the top deck.

More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Ski Jumping Hill for Serbian Ski Resort" 06 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • arch critic

    looks familiar

  • dustin

    Montreal olympic stadium all over it

  • Dr.Monsieur


  • snow

    Who is the architect – heavily inspired by already built projects?

  • blazza

    Djordje ovo bas dobro izgleda

  • rddvl

    Looks almost the same as the skijump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  • Fidel

    JDS???? Oslo????JDS copy???? sad…

  • mirjanas

    divno…stvarno na nivou…ponosimo se i mi sa tobom :) svaka cast izgleda sjajno

  • zorica

    Bravo ! Ulivas mi presahli optimizam da ce od Srbije nesto biti !

  • MZ

    I think it is not right to accuse with copying. A ski jump is a very specific design program, with internationally normed shape and kurves, so that the competitions provide comparable results. This means, that the basic shape is exactly defined and there is only a limited room for innovative design. If you compare the structural solutions of the projects, you have to realise that they are quite unique in deed. Take the example of bridges: all suspended cable bridges look alike to a certain degree, but that doesn´t mean copying.


    крутые рендеры

  • Bojus

    Realy looks great!!! Congratulation!

  • Anna

    Djordje, svaka chast, samo ti to guraj!
    A ovi ovde shto se bune, nek shvate da u 21. veku odavno vec nema originala :P

  • white

    Best Serbian Copy Practice – Zero Invention!

    Please no student projects that without hesitation claim to be original when there is clear evidence! thanks!

  • stan

    def looks like montreal.. but pretty cool looking

  • Jovan Mošorinac

    There is no border with Kosovo, Kosovo is a Serbian province (part of Serbia).

    • Dritan

      There is border bro

  • Sissie

    compared with New Olympic Ski Jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen(,this one is more ….elegant…

    • Y O Y O

      the link on this comment is dead as you will find out by clicking! Just try it! Click!

  • Ralph Kent

    It never ceases to amaze me how many ski jumps there are in the world, and how many continue to be built. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it was a mainstream winter sport, as opposed to trophy resort edification which gets used a couple of times a year by a tiny numbwe of people. I’m sure there must be better uses for the money which would benefit a broader spectrum of the public appetite for sport (watching and participating).

  • Ralph Kent

    Jovan Mošorinac – regarding your comment, I guess that depends on who you ask, doesn’t it? 58 UN states recognise the independence of Kosovo, so its not perhaps as cut and dried as you make out.

  • white

    MZ, my dear

    are you arguing in favor of a truly copied work – without getting red in your face or extending you nose like Pinocchio?
    Following you argument all! bridges and skijumps would look the same. What a stupid conclusion. Stop copying and show us intelligent and unique work!

  • YS


  • dragana

    Really gracious! Something that Serbia and a ski resort such as Kopaonik duly need. The porject changed the landscape of the mountain, only to make it better. My bow to the architect!

  • Balkan

    It looks similar to JDS but it much too different to be a copy. Might be inspired with it. Anyway decent work. Srecno

  • Jovan Mošorinac

    RALPH KENT said: Jovan Mošorinac – regarding your comment, I guess that depends on who you ask, doesn’t it? 58 UN states recognise the independence of Kosovo, so its not perhaps as cut and dried as you make out.
    JOVAN MOŠORINAC: It’s good that you mentioned UN, because I would like to remind you that there are 192 member states (134 that didn’t recognise Kosovo under US and partial EU pressure, and Kosovo isn’t a UN member and will never be, because it wont pass in Security Council). I don’t know what your country is (I could guess), but just imagine what would you feel if you were in our position. OVER!

  • Ralph Kent

    Jovan MOŠORINAC: It was hardly a provocation! I was pointing out that it is not as cut and dried as you made out in your dismissive first comment on this article.

    But you obviously want to keep disputing this fact, despite agreeing that the UN is split on it decision. Also, Jovan, you’ve got to remember, of some of those 134 member states, some of them are so small that they probably don’t even know where the Balkans are, let alone have an opinion on whether Kosovo should be viewed as independent or not. Other countries, like Spain who have backed Serbia are also control freaks who can’t handle people like the Basques or the Catalans having independence, so supported Serbia in its non-recognition in the true spirit of desperately holding on to territory.

    I can tell you what country I’m in – the UK. I have had no issue with Scotland, Wales, regional assemblies. If the Scottish or Welsh people wanted independence, I’d be happy for them to have it, its their democratic right. Similarly other places in the UK, Cornwall, other regions. Its unlikely that these counties would vote for regional independence, because we’ve done a better job of not killing each other in the UK than you guys have managed in the Balkans.

    I have to say, it’s tolerant, inclusive people like you who are happy to embrace minorities and identity that makes me so want to visit Serbia…. I’m guessing you’re Serbian, right?

    • Бојан

      Dear Ralph,
      I guess that you are an architect or someone who likes architecture (as all visitors of this site). This is not place for glorifying people who have destroyed unique samples of Europian medieval architecture (Serbian Orthodox churches, protected by UNESCO) in order to present implementation of that famous western democracy. You should glorify builders!

      • Ralph Kent

        Бојан, I’m not glorifying anyone – unless you are referring to the comments about the status of Kosovo – which is still nothing to do with glorifying Kosovo, just pointing out its status. And let’s not get onto the topic of destruction and Serbia, eh, shal we, particularly given events today in the Hague. When it comes to destroying things, I always think humans are worth a lot more than some old churches. You can call me old fashioned, but I don’t think you’re really in a position to complain about destruction. I should glorify builders who are actually doing things that benefit the community, rather than an elite few. A ski jump, honestly, how many people will get to use this?

  • Patak

    Djole majstore mi te volimo. kada ce otvaranje ove skakaonice daj neku propusnicu
    evo saljem je Skijalistima Srbije da te uvrste u gen DUP

  • Бојан

    Dear Ralph,
    as an architect I do not want to argue about Kosovo on this topic. As I said earlier this is site about buildings and builders not about terorists and their victims, and it would be some kind of crime talking about something that is not architecture.

    Western view is very poor, you have just black and white color. Maybe you would like to know some relevant facts colored. My mail is: Ask me whatever you want to know, but please, do not use this site for something that is not architecture!

    Greetings from Serbian part of Bosnia&Herzegovina protectorate!

  • Ralph Kent

    Бојан, I was not the one who initiated the politics debate here, everyone else seems to want to perpetuate it. If you read back, my initial point was, and continues to be that I find it extremely difficult, from an architectural perspective when bearing in mind issues of social and environmental sustainability, and as such I find it hard to see any beauty in something as largely pointless as a skijump. Other – Serbs – chimed into the discussion, wanting to politicise it and assert the importance of sovereignty – something I view as totally irrelevant and faintly amusing as a concept in itself.

    I don’t care where it is located. I don’t have a very black & white view of anything, and you’ve just done exactly what you have accused me of by saying “western view is very poor”. If that’s not a sweeping, black & white statement, I don’t know what is. Nations and phoney boundaries don’t matter, humanity does.

    • Бојан

      As I said: no more politics on this topic.

  • Roland J.

    Zaha wanna-be rip-off.