Moscow School of Management / Adjaye Associates & AB Studios

© Ed Reeve, Adjaye Associates & AB Studios

Architect: Adjaye Associates & AB Studios
Location: , Russia
Area: 42,891 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Ed Reeve, Adjaye Associates & AB Studios

© Ed Reeve, & AB Studios

SKOLKOVO’s design is based upon the accommodation, reflection and promotion of the innovatory practice-based approach to management of the Moscow International Business School. Due to its peripheral location and susceptibility to harshly cold winters the School functions as an independent community. The main elements of the building are assembled as a single entity in which a range of facilities are internally connected and made accessible without going outside.

© Ed Reeve, Adjaye Assocates & AB Studios

Accomodation is included in the building’s design; for students, teaching and administrative staff, as well as those on short courses or attending conferences. The core of the building is the Disc where suites of teaching spaces, a congress centre, and supporting facilities form an internal cityscape bounded by a circular enclosure, an arrangement, which is intended to suggest openness, cohesion and an absence of hierarchy. Its roof supports the Wellness Centre, the Administration Tower and residential buildings.

east elevation

Externally, the walls of the Disc address the surrounding landscape with unbroken continuity and locate the access road, which serves a series of entrances at ground level. Pedestrian access to the Disc is also possible via several slow ramps from various points in the landscape. This arrangement works to preserve he landscape of the Setun River.

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  • Maxim

    Хороший, знаковый проект для России

  • nikki

    shame on autoritarian russia

    • khatchatour

      It’s autHoritarian. It’s Russia. Learn to spell, you dimwit.

      • nikki

        sorry, i am deaweet

  • Dennis Moss Jnr

    great. more cantilevered boxes. so unbelievably dull

    • Ashcroft B

      rather cantilever boxes then ‘cape vernacular’ styled manure.

      • Dennis Moss Jnr

        did i touch a nerve there Ashcroft B?
        PS: should architects just keep trying to outdo each other with ever crazier forms? is that the right way to go? (where does it end?)

  • Drew

    Oh Hi Steven Holl.


    this project is amazing

  • Aremy

    If you never be in Russia, you can’t understand why this ptoject is so good. Government comes and goes but the architecture remains.