Administrative Headquarters From Groupe E / Ipas Architectes

  • 01:00 - 6 March, 2012
  • Architects

  • Location

    Granges-Paccot, Switzerland
  • Design Team

    Salvatore Chillari, Michel Egger, Eric Ott, Gilles Batista, Delphine Jeanneret-Gris, Michael Desaules, Alfio Fantini, David Lombard, Melissa Strummiello, Sabrina Pais, Pauline Chevrier, Céline Lachelin.
  • Collaborators

    Planification Générale Serge Charrière, MGI Partenaires Ingénieurs Conseils SA, Enerconom AG, Arteco SA , Sacao SA, Hautle Anderegg & Partenaires SA.
  • Project Year


Administrative Headquarters From Groupe E / Ipas Architectes Administrative Headquarters From Groupe E / Ipas Architectes Administrative Headquarters From Groupe E / Ipas Architectes Administrative Headquarters From Groupe E / Ipas Architectes +34

From the architect. The 'e group poster goals against the current, luckily, he asked the architects to imagine living spaces always becoming, places that requalify the individual and collective work: communication, transparency, fun at work, exchange , adaptation. Intentions infinitely precious, simple as water that nourishes life and a contemporary designbecause it goes against the trends of our time.

On the site there - in touch - the campaign and its houses clustered, rural - on the edge - the village of Granges-Paccot and scattered houses - finally - a direct communication with the city of Fribourg. At this place 'Plexus' weaves a network with its built environment and landscape of discretion, it appears that the project is a low volume, extended, in communion withhuman intentions and ecological 'group e' while is arranged to form a complex living space, respecting the environment and daylighting.

Building-scales vary depending on its orientation, the built environment, it sways, flowing, flows as needed

drawing 01
drawing 01

- Relaxation areas interact with the existing school and exposure to sunlight

- Pedestrian walkways occur above, below, inside, everywhere so that communication becomes freer, more open

- Seek the views of the deep green foliage that drapes treillagent heaven ... etc.

- The facade is designed as an epidermis that regulates the local climate on account of variations of the seasons

drawing 07
drawing 07

All energies are used, all those that can store and forward architecture: variations of scale, magnetism relational, dynamic sculptural, spatial event. For the building toconvey to its users all the wealth, the power of energy that inhabits ...

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