San Gines drugstore / XPIRAL

Spanish practice XPIRAL made a nice interior work on this drugstore, with an amazing ceilling treatment.

Take a look at the complete photoset by Juan de la Cruz Megías after the break.

Cite: "San Gines drugstore / XPIRAL" 05 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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    let me guess… the owner has a second year arch student son who drew up some plans

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    To be honest I find the light and shapes of the ceiling quite disorienting. Then the skewed framework continues for the exterior too. Kind of makes me think does it take away from the purpose of a drugstore with everything easy to find and organised.

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    Makes me want to pop some pills! I guess it’s a strong concept!!!????

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    What happend to the right angle? This is what happens when starchitects show a way to desin without a setsquare… only a few can do it right…

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    the facade is ok, but the ceiling is horrible.
    very weak lightning concept, too low (i guess by the pictures), which means claustrophobic and the finishes and detailing are really poor designed.

    as Bo Lucky says, only a few can do it right.. they don’t.

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    I like the green lantern on the exterior for the pharmacy. I agree that the ceiling looks way too low, this might work if it were a double height space, but it really dominates the space. Maybe smaller ceiling panels would make it work??

    what confuses me is the flamingo….. any explanation? I would like more of a description of this project…why is there, what looks like a pile of dirt with stairs leading up to it??

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    zany…maybe a little too crazy. Like a teenager who always has to remind you how crazy she is. This building is saying “I’m zany! right guys? right?”… My eye needs a break from that teenager somewhere.

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    How intriguing the interior is! I like lines and form of the ceiling though it would seem to be more effective for a cafe’s interior.

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    so schematic …. and conservative guys !

    Where are your from ?

    USA…..England ?

    Learn something of Eisenmann or Morphosis, please !

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    Only conservative architects can’t appreciate the work of more daring designers, for instance look at the work of John Lautner.

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    cool concept. but i feel like more attention should’ve been paid to the product displays. shelves cashier’s desk etc. don’t connect well with the rest of the building. the exterior leaves you asking for more

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    This is incredibly…heavy
    1 envelope composed by the facades and ceilings + displays and desk = no connection

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