House Kekkapaa / POOK Arkkitehtitoimisto Oy

© Antti Hahl

Architect: POOK Arkkitehtitoimisto Oy & Katariina Rautiala and Pentti
Location: North , Finland
Completed: July 2006
Total Areas: 293 sqm (main building), 29 sqm (sauna), 31 sqm (workshop)
Photographs: Antti Hahl, Pentti Raiski, Alatalo photos

© Antti Hahl

House Kekkapää is located in the historically significant agricultural landscape in North Espoo. The simple pitch roof form integrates the building into the wider context and the simplistic scale of the surrounding architecture. The western slope of the woodland site is divided into two areas of differing character; the back part with pines and the rocky ground, covered with moss, with dry peaty forest in the front. This division is retained as the front yard is filled with activity; it contains the main entrance, children’s playground, terrace and a workshop. On the opposite side of the main building, with a more fragile nature, is a solitary path leading to the sauna.

© Antti Hahl

The spot for the building was partially excavated in the slope so that both floors have close contact to the nature. Also the part of the building situated in a generous space between rocks has a timber structure, thus the building has a unified frame system with wood wool insulation. Freestanding glulam columns, plywood and tension bars at the end give the frame the required stiffness.

elevations 01

The main building comprises three zones: living and working, and a glass-roofed conservatory linking the two. During the day the living area is used for in-home child- care, the conservatory acts as a shared dining space and as the meeting room of our office. The office can later be transformed into a separate apartment.

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