Røldal Pilgrim Center Proposal / LETH & GORI

Courtesy of LETH & GORI

LETH & GORI shared with us their proposal for the Pilgrim Centre in which creates a new building in close connection with the 13th century church. Made as an extension to the existing church wall, their design becomes a natural and integral part of the Church complex. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of LETH & GORI

The Pilgrim Center is a hub for experiencing Røldal’s unique history, nature and architecture. The center accommodates for pilgrims as well as spaces for the priest and church administration. The project encompasses semi covered urban spaces for events and activities connected to the Church and Pilgrim Center.


The inside the center is organized as a series of a spaces in open connection with one another. The layout of spaces allows for a flexible use of the building that accommodates a variation of uses and functions.

Architects: LETH & GORI
Location: Røldal,
Team: Karsten Gori, Uffe Leth, Annelie Asam, Arnaud Grenie and Sebastian Andersen
Status: Competition entry
Program: Pilgrim Center, exhibition, café, administration and plaza
Floor Area: 1.200m2
Year: 2011

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