LivingHomes C6: Affordable, Sustainable and Prefabricated

© - Photo by Izumi Tanaka

LivingHomes has just announced the launch of their first well-designed, affordable and sustainable prefabricated home known as C6. Starting at $179,000, the home is nearly half the cost of most other LivingHomes models and includes 34 tons of carbon offsets. It is the first to achieve LEED® Platinum and feature Cradle-to-Cradle inspired materials.

C6 was designed by the architects of LivingHomes in collaboration with Make It Right, a nonprofit founded by Brad Pitt and renowned architect William McDonough to build 150 Cradle to Cradle inspired LEED Platinum homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. A portion of the proceeds from each C6 will help support the efforts of Make It Right. Continue reading for more.

© LivingHomes - Photo by Izumi Tanaka

The 1,232 square feet home is built by Cavco, a nationwide leader in the systems buildings of prefabricated homes, and is available in most states. It is capable of being fully constructed in less than two months and installed on-site in one day.

© LivingHomes - Photo by Izumi Tanaka

Inspired by the modern homes built by developer Joe Eichler throughout California in the 50s and 60s, C6 embodies an indoor/outdoor lifestyle as it is organized around a central courtyard and accessible through a variety of openings and features. The open floor plan includes three bedrooms, two baths, nine-foot ceilings and ample amounts of storage space.

Floor Plan © LivingHomes

Floor-to-ceiling glass, clerestory windows, light tubes and transom windows flood the interior with natural light. Artificial light can be accessed from your iPhone with a full feature lighting control system.

© LivingHomes - Photo by Izumi Tanaka

Energy efficient lighting and appliances and a smart heating/AC control system reduces power usage, while a 4-kilowatt photovoltaic array accounts for more than 100% of power needs (not included in the price).

Other benefits include low flow water fixtures, a grey water ready system, no VOC paint, formaldehyde-free millwork and real time feedback on energy usage. Some building materials, such as the Trex decking, Anderson double-pain windows and Caesarstone quartz counters in the kitchen and bathrooms, use recycled content.

© LivingHomes - Photo by Izumi Tanaka

The C6 also features a new Cradle to Cradle inspired door handle designed by William McDonough and LivingHomes. “In so many ways I have been getting a handle on and finding large and small ways to open the door to the beneficial, 100% Cradle to Cradle future. Now, having worked with chemist Michael Braungart to make Cradle to Cradle Certification (CM) freely available to the public through the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, I am now also putting my hand and eye to designing products that inherently contain and render visible the surprise and delights of Cradle to Cradle design. Collaborating with LivingHomes on this little piece of jewelry has been a joy,” said William McDonough.

C6 is premiering in two locations: the Modernism Week Prefab Showcase in Palm Springs until February 26 and free public tours in Long Beach through February 25th, click here to RSVP. Find more information here.

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  • Mr Samsa

    I really like the idea of prefabricated affordable housing, but have yet to see it done convincingly. $1600/sqm plus foundations, postage and installation which doesn’t seem that affordable?

    It also uses a cladding that … let’s just say the $3550 to upgrade siding to cedar would be money well spent.