SuZhou 133: BaiTang One Kindergarten Project / CPG Advisory

south aerial view

Integrated within the overall residential development of SuZhou 133: Baitang One, the aim of the kindergarten design by CPG Advisory is to provide a high quality, inspiring environment for early age education in the new CBD of SuZhou, . The design concept is based on the famous children classic: Jack and Beanstalk. By using vines, leaves and beans as the architectural and landscape design elements, a kindergarten associated with the “Magic World” in the story of Jack and Beanstalk is created. More images and architects’ description after the break.

north entrance

With a total building area of 4717 m², the kindergarten accommodates 480 children in 16 classrooms. It has a east-west facing, long and narrow site, which is located adjacent to phase 2 and 3 SuZhou 133:Baitang One residential development. The main entrance of the kindergarten is located at the north, with its direct access to the main road.

activity zone

The school complex is organized along a central circulation spine, with branches of classroom blocks spreading out from both sides and enclosing a variety of courtyards. A three-storey building, consisting of reception, administration and teacher offices, is located at the north of the complex. The other six blocks consist of 16 classrooms, multimedia room and library, are arranged along the central corridor spine running from the north to the south. They are like beans and leaves attached to the growing vines.

site plan

The main entrance is a 2 storey high portico, giving the school a grand and welcoming presence. The southern orientation of the “classroom beans” is designed to catch maximum daylight. And in between the “classroom beans”, a series of public and semi-public courtyards of various themes are being enclosed and created to meet the needs and to accommodate the different activities of the kindergarten. Located at the south of the complex is the school common playground for outdoor activities.

floor plans

The shape of the classroom block is designed to look like “story book”. In the elevation design, horizontal planes are emphasized to associate with the pages of the book. The external finish used for the classroom blocks is painted concrete in wooden strip pattern and color. This is done to create an earthy feel and a natural appearance that are calm and restful. For the central corridor, vibrant colors and patterns like painted aluminum panels and colored glazing are used to create visual excitement and energy.

east west elevation

The classrooms are fitted with modern children furniture and dressed in cozy deco, thus creating a home-like atmosphere. Each classroom has its own individual sleeping room and toilet.

Architects: CPG Advisory
Location: SuZhou Industrial Park, , China
Supervisor manager: Lee Joon Shin
Architecture Team: Huang Hsiang Ju,Liu Chang
Client: Frasers Property Co. Ltd; Singlong Property Development (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.
Site Area: 7,000 m²
Gross Floor Area: 4,717m²
Plot Ratio: 0.6
Completion: 2012

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "SuZhou 133: BaiTang One Kindergarten Project / CPG Advisory" 22 Feb 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>
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    This looks like a rip of Murphy/Jahn student housing at IIT.

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    I like the concept essence and the way of applying it. Excellent!