Archi«20 Competition Proposal / CLP Architectes

Courtesy of CLP Architectes

The proposed pavilion, designed by CLP Arquitectos, for the Archi<20 competition, consisted of 20 m2 of floor space to be constructed in a protected natural area in , Alsace. With a limited budget of 7000 Euros, the commission allowed them to seek for a precise and careful architecture. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of CLP Architectes

Our first intention was to create a building that could offer an experience of varied possibilities, using the least materials and formal resources. This intention is translated into a structural system that performs various tasks: the possibility of light, shadow, ventilation and also to provide temporal storage space.

Courtesy of CLP Architectes

Our second intention was to conceive an architecture that could enhance and diversify the relationship between the visitor of the pavilion and the surrounding environment. The pavilion, then, performs as a medium that is both reduced and enhanced into an optical device. In an economic sense, the structure permits an open-plan interior, similar to a theatre stage: The interior space is reconstructed again and again with each visitor.

plans and diagrams

Seen from the exterior, the pavilion tends to disappear: in the ambiguous nature of its formal limits, a seemingly ordinary object is revealed as a complex interplay of light, images, people and objects. The visitor is invited to reflect on this experience.

Architects: CLP Architectes
Location: Muttersholtz, Alsace,
Client: Archi<20
Type: Cultural
Size: 18 sqm


Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Archi«20 Competition Proposal / CLP Architectes" 17 Feb 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
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