Alvar Aalto: The Mark of the Hand / Harry Charrington and Vezio Nava

  • 18 Feb 2012
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A short time ago we received the book Alvar Aalto: The Mark of the Hand. Before you Aalto fans get jealous of our newly acquired treasure, we want you to know that we received several copies and will be doing a giveaway in the near future. So keep yours eyes out, here and on our facebook page. The book is a collection of conversations recorded between members of Aalto’s atelier. It is a unique view into the process of this great architect and his team. It shows the personal side of Aalto, both the bad and good. Sometimes we get lost in the artistry of his works, and it is nice to see the context in which the works were developed.

Book Description:
“Showcasing the famed architect’s creative accomplishments, this chronicle travels through a series of conversations with the members of Alvar Aalto’s workshop that span a period of 50 years from 1944 to 1994. More than 60 projects are covered, discussing the full range of Aalto’s craft and journeying far beyond the limited canon of buildings usually discussed in critiques of his work. Placing these projects in their own time and among the people and milieu that cultivated them, the study illustrates these structures not just as artifacts but as part of a dynamic—and often contentious—environment, demonstrating how the workshop itself formed an integral part of Aalto’s achievements.”


006 Foreword: Esa Laaksonen
008 Acknowledgements: Harry Charrington, Vezio Nava
011 Introduction: Harry Charrington

019 Tilimaki 20: Vezio Nava
049 We don’t need to be so dogmatic: Harry Charrington

102 Valter Karisalo
108 Tauno Keiramo
118 Jaakko Kontio and Veli Paatela
140 Veli Paatela
150 Jaakko Kontio, Ilona Lehtinen and Veli Paatela
158 Kristian Gullichsen and Mauno Kitunen
170 Olli Penttila
182 Mauno Kitunen
202 Heikki Tarkka
216 Federico Marconi
230 Eric Adlercreutz
242 Leif Englund and Jaakko Suihkonen
268 Per-Mauritz Alander
278 Ilona Lehtinen
292 Heimo Paanajarvi and Tore Tallqvist
312 Sverker Gardberg
322 Mikko Merckling
332 Kaarlo Leppanen
344 Heikki Hyytiainen and Matti Poyry
364 Heikki Hyytiainen an Mariikka Rimaaja
378 Raija Sarmanto and Pirkko Soderman
390 Hellevi Ojanen, Marja-Liisa Parko and Pirkko Stenros
404 Aarne Hollmen
414 Chronology of the Alvar Aalto Atelier
424 Names Mentioned in Conversations
426 Buildings Mentioned in Conversations

Publisher: Rakennustieto Publishing (May 1, 2012)

Cite: P, Amber. "Alvar Aalto: The Mark of the Hand / Harry Charrington and Vezio Nava" 18 Feb 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • Nathan Ribergaard

    Aalto’s work in Seinäjoki should be featured in Archdaily; it’s also close to his home town, Kuortane.

  • Nathan Ribergaard

    His work in Seinäjoki should be featured in Archdaily; it’s also close to his home town, Kuortane.

  • Ljubomirka Bilenjkij

    I would like to see the Otaniemi Technical University in Espoo, Finland, featured in Archdaily

  • Ricardo Felippi

    I would like to see the Vyborg Library