Telefonica Headquarters, Madrid / Rafael de La-Hoz

  • 01:00 - 22 April, 2009
Telefonica Headquarters, Madrid / Rafael de La-Hoz
  • Architects

  • Location

    Madrid, Spain
  • Architect

    Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys
  • Project's Directors

    Hugo Berenguer, Siegfried Bürger, Francisco Arévalo, Miguel Maiza, Jesús Román, Carolina Fernández y Belén Rivera
  • Master Plan

    Jesús Román, Hugo Berenguer y Margarita Sánchez
  • Management Directors

    Rafael Quintana y Manuel Doménech
  • Collaborators

    Conchi Cobo, Beatriz Heras, Gonzalo Robles, Jacobo Ordás, Guillermo Vidal, Ascensión García, Javier Amrbruster, Karmen Marco, y Luise Wiegand
  • Technical Architects

    Amaya Díaz del Cerio, Mercedes Esteban, Isabel Fernández y Rafael Vegas
  • Project Management

    Bovis Lend Lease
  • Structure Engineer

    NB 35
  • Services Engineer

    Rafael Úrculo-Pgi
  • Client

    Telefónica de España S.A.
  • Construction Directors

    Pilar Anastasio, Daniel González , Concha Peña y Félix Falcone
  • Graphic Design & Model

    Luis Muñoz, Fernando Mont, Víctor Coronel, Diego Mordkowicz, Camille Vidal, Álvaro Rivera, Ángel Arroyo y Daniel Roris
  • Contractor

  • Area

    390.0 sqm
  • Project Year


Telefonica Headquarters, Madrid / Rafael de La-Hoz Telefonica Headquarters, Madrid / Rafael de La-Hoz Telefonica Headquarters, Madrid / Rafael de La-Hoz Telefonica Headquarters, Madrid / Rafael de La-Hoz +14

From the architect. Telefonica, as the larger Spanish company, creates the strategic challenge of regroup its fourteen thousand employees in one and unique headquarters in Madrid.

A campus-headquarters vision, is designed after a long process of studding the liabilities, necessities and objectives definitions. This makes its conceptual flexibility and its homogeneous architecture a high financial value; nevertheless, with a strong architectural definition.

Four identical phases with three concentrated buildings are placed in the corners of the site creating watchtowers defining the campus perimeter.

Inside the site, the administration, restaurants, clinic or gymnasiums are equally placed at all phases of the perimeter.

With a unique special glass system-created only for this project- and a extensive protective and sun accumulator overhang top, prevents a scattered perception of the complex. In this way congress as a unique building and a unique company.

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